Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hello! Some Updated Interior Pictures of my 1950's Ranch House

Hello! I have not been blogging, but I have been working on my 1950's Atomic Ranch House. I've done a lot, but still have things to do. But, I've done enought to share a few photo. Yay!

The above photo is the master bedroom. (click image to enlarge). A pink and blue theme, from the atomic barkcloth curtains, to the turquoise lamps and pink phone. I love spending time in this room!

Another photo, more recent (but it looks different now, I like to get things just right!) The abstract Googie painting over the bed I did myself, using some of the rooms' pink trim paint, and colors that go with the room. Love the simple blue Empire style radio on the headboard.

The matching blonde table with goes with the two blond side tables. matching color/pattern footstools, barkcloth nubby curtains and matching holiday pine cones.

And the desk in the master bedroom. The atomic wall mirror, starburst wall clock, darling little pink table lamps and a few other things.

And one more: The killer floor lamp I bought with matching white, blue and pink colors. Love this!!

Hmm I seem to only have one photo of the pink bedroom. I guess I need to take more photos. Love the ballerina lamps and the poodles. Every mid century home needs poodles!

I repainted the whole living room a second time to this wonderful turquoise blue. My 1950's TV, atomic kinetic spray, that swooped long white dish is perfect, and my backlit starburst wall clock. I need to take new photos since I finally got a couch!

My office with the space theme. Atomic wall clock, starburst thermometer, stitch sampler of man stepping on the moon, and one of two amazing hanging mobiles, one was named "Mercury", one "Jupiter". In the original packages, I spend quite a bit on those. They are very popular!

More office: A silly spaceman swag lamp which I just love, modern looking wall clock and vintage Air Show poster.

The kitchen was one of the more difficult rooms to make it look presentable. A white and pink theme, because it's a rather small narrow long shape, and it needed all the help it could get in feeling bigger. Pink rose wilendur tablecloth as a curtain, original silver wall clock.

Over the kitchen table. I've already moved the ballerinas to another room, but I love these atomic looking wall clocks. These are one of an extremely few repros things I use in my house. I prefer as authentic as I can get.

And finally, the other end of the kitchen. As you see, it still needs more work: I have other "new" original 1950's pink oven, stove, stove vent cover thing and a pink sink, but have not had them installed yet. You can see the original pink oven and pink counter. I always loved the pink kitchen!!

Well, that's all for now. I'll take more and better photos to post again soon. It's been a LOT of work doing all this myself. I have tried to do it on a small budget, so no name brand furniture or fancy things... I did the painting myself (every room), bought much of the mid century things on eBay (including several pieces of furniture), and time.

I will post more soon. Thank you for visiting!!!!