Monday, November 11, 2013

Hello My Friends - Blogger - And Ingraham Daisy Clock A Warning About Trying Out eBay Items!

First of all, my old camera finally decided it had enough, so after 12 wonderful years, it died. RIP. I need to go get another one. I'm told they cost a lot less and hopefully are easy to use with my computer. No I do not have a cell phone that takes photos as all I have is a small emergency cell phone.

Second, while I get your comments in my email, when I go to approve or modertae comments from email, they just do not link, so I click and nothing happens and no comments are published. I looked around blogger and soo no place to moderate or apprve comments from inside my blogger account.

Any ideas on this?

Ugh. These changes to Blogger and yahoo email are making it impossible to blog with Blogger!

I can read comments, I just cannot publish them. Thanks in advance!

When I hit "publish" for this post, THEN it showed comments awaiting moderation. Not sure how to get there without doing that, but I was able to publish some recent blog post comments...

Oh, and the Ingraham daisy clock I love, bought for my old bedroom (so it's from the 70's when I was a kid) was bought last year for around $40 as these are popular. When I got it, I plugged it in and it worked... For the  few minutes I tested it.

I finally put it on the wall, plugged it in, and only after it ran 20 minutes did I discover it stops working. Arg!!! Far too late to return it, I am stuck with a clock that does not work. So frustrating! My fault for not testing it longer, but who knew I'd have to do that.

Word to the wise when you buy things from ebay. :)