Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hello Again My Vintage Friends!

It's been a while since I have updated my 1950's Atomic Ranch House blog, and I thought it was time.

I drifted away to other social networking websites, namely Twitter for quite a while. Twitter has a wonderful way of bringing you close to a lot of people, any time, day or night, and with my crazy at-home work schedule, it is nice to log on to Twitter and be able to talk to people 24/7, right at the moment, as opposed to our blogs which are a bit slow and infrequent.

However, I will strive to keep posting, BUT I just discovered my digital camera went on the fritz! Oh gosh, it's ONLY 10 years old! But it sure did last a long time and I am sorry to have to get a new one. I am completely technically challenged so I have my fingers crossed I can find a basic easy to use digital. My old one was a Kodak, so I'll get the same brand (if they still make them, these days you never know!)

I still buy on eBay, but I am more selective than ever, and that was part of the issue. A lack of things to talk about. I did finally get my kitchen painted and it looks amazing! Well, for what I have to work with. I did take a few photos before my camera konked out, so I will post some. The floor is still not done and looks a terrible mess, but I do have a few photos I can share, with the floor cropped out. Yes, it's that bad!! It's the original linoleum which was under another layer, and I'd hoped it would be in better shape, but good gawd it looks dreadful!! No showing it on the net, it's just too horrible!

But I adore these two wall hanging vintage mid century Ballerina figurines. I hung them in the kitchen with my vintage atomic clock. Pictures, I know! Where are the damn pictures?!

I got into buying a few choice, select figurines which I do have photos of and will show soon too. I need to  space out posts with photos until I have a new camera. I sure hope I can buy one and figure it out easily and quickly!

Well friends, just an update to get this blog rolling along. Thank you, hope all my friends are doing well!

Thank you to over 1,000 followers! I wish I could figure out the whole new Blogger format (another reason why I have not updated in a long time, I get spammed ALL the time by spammers, but have no clue where to find the comments settings. I guess if I poked around and googled a lot I might get this figured out.

Happy October!