Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Almost Fall in the Southwest USA

Of course here in the southwest USA, even though it's mid September, it's still around 100F/37C and hot as the dickins! My little kitten is trying to stay cool by rolling belly up. She's not really a kitten but she's so small except for her little round tummy, I call her that.She says: "Hello, it's hotter than hell here!"

So what the heck have I done in the last couple months? Not a lot! I did buy a few things. I don't buy much these days because I pretty much have most of what I want.

Buuuut since I work, a LOT, and I am at my computer, a lot, I do browse eBay sometimes just to break up the monotony.

Sooo here is what I have snagged since the last post:

This darling Daisy clock is going in the pink room or my old childhood bedroom. Not what I had as a kid, but since as adults we can buy a BETTER childhood, I got this wonderful addition. It is vintage, but in "new old stock" condition. So cute!

Snagged a second one of these atomic mirrors like in my last post. There are advertised as "vintage" but they have one of those bar codes stuck on the back so they are new-vintage style. I made an exception (one of an extremely small number of exceptions as I tend to be a vintage purist) because I love the style so much and they are made solid! Very heavy. Good deal because they are not "real" vintage. I will paint both to match.

Oh my gosh! When I saw this vintage Sputnik animated alarm clock, I could NOT say no!

Do you see Sputnik on the clear dial that spins around in space (it's the second hand)? It was advertised as a [sic] "sattelite clock", not Sputnik, so I jumped all over it. Needs a little fine tuning, but I'm thrilled with it!

eBay furniture and I never seem to mix, but these "Paul McCobb style chairs" (I didn't care what they were, I just loved them!) were a deal at $20 each. The assembly on one was a breeze, the second one, not so much. But, all in all, I am most happy with them.

I'm sure I mentioned, I have been buying a few things I used to have as a child. The cool thing about being an adult, and gosh knows we have enough grown up responsibilities to do already, is that we can buy back our childhood, or an even better one! Yay adulthood!

We weren't exactly loaded with dough, and my memory is sketchy for some reason, so luckily I can't remember a lot of the things I had as a kid, but...

Mom got me this perfume with the cat some time back there when I was less child and a bit more teen, I think (I forget) but for $5 US, what the heck, right? Cost more back then.

And Mom used to have this birdcage that has solid creme perfume in the base. The cage part has a hinge and it opens up. Long story, she lost it, and now it is home again. Well, one just like it.

I couldn't believe when I remembered having this horse necklace one day, and when I checked eBay for "horse necklace heart", (I didn't know what else to call it), there was one just like it! I love eBay! It's cheap, but there's a whole story about the one I got. I'll spare you the boring story! Just glad to have another one again. Cheap, only cost me $2 US.

I also found, to my astonishment, a blank copy of a diary I used to have as a kid/teen. Not the one that got stolen from me (long story, I'll skip that too), but the same make and style as the one I had, only blank. Wow, that was a surprise. $5 for that, couldn't say no!

This cute little vintage art smock for when I can get my vintage oil paint sets out and do some art.

Sweet art print.

And ONE last thing I'll mention. These vintage glass vials are very small, and for my Altered Art. I also got some vintage watch clock faces too. They list them under "Steampunk" and that makes the price go up, but I am set to get back into my art this Fall and Winter, so splurged a little bit.

I got a few other little things I had as a kid. A couple teeny tiny 1" tall dolls. Luckily I only had two as a kid, because now they sell for $35 and up, each! Some kid things sure get pricy!

Not much progress in the house due to my insane added work load. Gearing up to paint the last few rooms as soon as this heat subsides - bathroom, my office and the kitchen (which I have had to think long and hard about how and what I would paint). I don't think I'll ever resolve the curtain issue in the living room using real vintage material, there's just far too many huge windows, (6, floor to ceiling), so I will have to find something new and suitable.

That's it! Hope you all are well, I will make it around to your blogs as much as I can while I am taking a blog break!


  1. Glad to see you posting again, and glad that you've found time to add a few things to your collections. Those chairs were a great buy at $20 each, and that little Sputnik alarm clock is amazing! I can't wait to see what you have planned with those little vials.

  2. It's so good to see you around! First off, your kitty is beautiful and secondly, great finds! I love finding things that I had as a youngster. The big question is though....are you going to start writing in your diary again ? : )

  3. Hiya Dana! I mean to check your posts at length, see what you have added.

    Eartha - I am going to write in the diary all that I can recall from that time, to make up for the one that was stolen from me.

    I have been keeping journals for decades, so that will fill a gap. :)

  4. Welcome back! Interesting post as always. But I must chime-in and say that Sputnik clock is the bomb! You're lucky to snag it.

  5. Good to have you back and writing! Im green with envy over that alarm clock WOWEE!

  6. When I saw your comment on my blog I was sooooo happy to hear from you!!!! And of course I love all your stuff--I finally had to remove the eBay app from my iPhone since with hubby not working much and my jewelry sales in the toilet I just kinda didn't want eBay to get any more money that I don't really have. I have a diary from when I was in the 6th grade and it's mainly about how fat and unpopular I am but also lots about showing horses on the weekends in southern California. I was thinking about occasionally copying some of the diary into my blog but really, how interesting would my sad little life be to people? BooBooKitty wanted me to say "hey!" to your cutiepie, too! P.S.--did your evil brother steal your diary?

  7. G.D. it! I just wrote a nice long comment but I wasn't signed in so when I went to sign it my whole comment disappeared. Grrrrrr. Anyway, I love all your stuff and am glad to see you surface--I've been really bad about blogging, seems since Dad passed some of the spark has gone out of me. Plus the husband has worked a total of 54 days this year so our income has gone WAAAAAAY down AND my vintage jewelry sales are in the toilet, as well. BTW, I still have my diary from when I was in the 6th or 7th grade. Did your evil brother steal yours????

  8. Hey, what a cute kitty! You look like my neighbor cats, Butters and Taco.

    I have to get the lady to post more stuff on my blog. Although I pay her top dollar to be my secretary, she is always falling behind.

    I really like your blog!

    Mr. Black
    (and the lady)

  9. I love those two clocks so much!!

    <3 Melissa

  10. All the stuff is cool, but especially love the chairs and the Sputnik clock!

  11. This is completely off topic. My husband and I are in the process of retiring to a 1950's sort of post and beam atomic house in the desert. It has a grayish greenish bluish fireplace that dominates. The current interior paint is awful, but I can't seem to figure out what color to use. We have to keep the furniture we have. Would anyone be willing to look at a photo and offer advice? I apologize for the off topic, but I'm desperate. Thanks.

  12. I know this is an old post but I had to say, Wow! Crazy cool finds. I especially love the chairs and the Sputnik clock.

  13. Whoa!!! The perfume cat!!! You jolted me right back to 'tweendom and how grownup I felt - getting 'real' perfume for Christmas!

  14. Hi! Not sure why you stopped blogging but I've enjoyed looking over yours this morning! Love the flower clock. :)