Monday, July 2, 2012

New Additions

I have not been able to keep up with my blog very well. But rather than dwell on that...

I did get some curtains for my office. I have some material for curtains, but decided to buy two pair already "made". I have two windows in my office, different sizes, so finding 4 pair that would work has always been a challenge. So I settled on these, for now.

LOVE this radio, and of course it works. This is for the master bedroom, whose color scheme is pink & turquoise. Love the empire style of this radio.

This was too cute to pass up. Just a little addition for fun. Vintage calendar.

Finally! I was able to get one of these Atomium paper weights for an affordable price. From the 1958 World's Fair, these babies have been selling for upwards of $80, and I refused to pay that much for a small item. Snagged this great deal on a holiday weekend when no one was bidding.

These are so much fun! Atom model kits. You can make atom shapes in any design, and they become mid century sculptures. Snagged a great deal on these too.

This mirror is not "vintage" per se, but it was so damn cool, I had to get it. Very heavy, solid, and looks fantastic with my molecule clock and starburst temperature dealies. Is that an official word? Dealie?

I continue to do the most boring work, clearing out my shed to get stuff in there and to get the few things still in the living room out of that room. Fingers crossed I can get to painting the one bathroom and my office soon! My work schedule is crazy.

Hope all my friends are well, I'll try to make it around to all your blogs, but I'm still having trouble with the new flash format or whatever it is and I can't always respond. Frustrating!

Happy Monday and Fourth of July to my friends here in America!


  1. You've been busy buying lots of things for your house. It really must be coming together nicely!
    Good to see a post from you.

  2. You know you really do find the greatest things!
    The curtains are lovely.
    And I am crazy about your little radio.
    (I bought one close to that color recently but mine is just rectangle shape.)

    That metal calender is so sweet.

  3. Nice finds, most especially the curtain and that very cool transistor radio.

  4. Wow, I love your new stuff! Can't wait to see it all put together! I was glad to see ya! Those drapes are great. I have various panels like that but no complete set. I just can't pass em up and they might make great pillows someday!

  5. Thanks all for your comments.

    zoot I have several pieces of material I bought in hopes of making pillows. More than I need! But it's so hard to resist.

  6. Always happy when I discover a new post by you. You were one of the first blogs I ever found that shared my love of vintage 'stuff' and your blog remains in my favs. The curtains and cute and that clock is divine.

  7. A new post! YAY!
    I love that radio-how perfect!

  8. I'm enjoying my first visit to your blog! Looking forward to more. Such fun images!

  9. OK--I've blogged two whole days in a row so now you don't have any excuse! I love those curtains--well, I love ALL your stuff. I've been missing showing off my dealies (and yes, of course it's a word, silly) and looking at everyone else's. Share, girlfriend!

  10. Love that cute vintage calender! :) Hope you have a great day! Hugs, Holly

  11. Ahh I love that radio! Great finds.

  12. What an interesting journey you are taking with your house. I love all the atomic retro details. It's a Pinterest holiday here!

  13. Hi, Pinterest brought me here! It's fun to see your finds!
    I love what you said about adults being able to buy a better childhood. :) My childhood didn't have ANY pink in it but now it does. :)