Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vintage Luggage Suitcases

Hello! Thought I'd post a couple photos of some of my vintage suitcases. Don't you love these? I collected them at thrift stores over the years, and bought authentic vintage travel stickers to put on them. Others already had some on them.

They are in a closet and make great storage cases. Mine are filled with vintage quilts, laces, some of my vintage art supplies and other goodies.

I have literally not looked at eBay auctions in months. And for the first time today, I checked out some of my saved searches. What fun! I have missed it! I haven't bought a thing in 9 months so now I think I can buy a little bit, guilt-free.

But there's always that decision: Should I get it or shouldn't I? Will it fit in that spot, or not? The troubles of us vintage buyers! Ha ha!

The last couple posts I made, I was not even able to view comments or your blogs due to some kind of browser incompatibility with this new fangled upgrade blogger made. If I look on another browser I can read, so will have to try switching this to another browser, dig out passwords and get my email for this blog on the other browser too. I have so much going on in each browser it's a whole process.

At any rate, I miss you all terribly, and am excited to get back to my home project as I have made no progress in the past 9 months.

. . . Oh geez! Now I see I am unable to make paragraph breaks in my text to make this easier to read even though I see them in my "compose" area! Oh dear, this is a problem! My apologies.

Wait, I solved it by adding html, which luckily, I know. Hmm I hope the rest of you are not having problems with this new blogger like I am, this is terrible!

Happy Saturday!