Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vintage Luggage Suitcases

Hello! Thought I'd post a couple photos of some of my vintage suitcases. Don't you love these? I collected them at thrift stores over the years, and bought authentic vintage travel stickers to put on them. Others already had some on them.

They are in a closet and make great storage cases. Mine are filled with vintage quilts, laces, some of my vintage art supplies and other goodies.

I have literally not looked at eBay auctions in months. And for the first time today, I checked out some of my saved searches. What fun! I have missed it! I haven't bought a thing in 9 months so now I think I can buy a little bit, guilt-free.

But there's always that decision: Should I get it or shouldn't I? Will it fit in that spot, or not? The troubles of us vintage buyers! Ha ha!

The last couple posts I made, I was not even able to view comments or your blogs due to some kind of browser incompatibility with this new fangled upgrade blogger made. If I look on another browser I can read, so will have to try switching this to another browser, dig out passwords and get my email for this blog on the other browser too. I have so much going on in each browser it's a whole process.

At any rate, I miss you all terribly, and am excited to get back to my home project as I have made no progress in the past 9 months.

. . . Oh geez! Now I see I am unable to make paragraph breaks in my text to make this easier to read even though I see them in my "compose" area! Oh dear, this is a problem! My apologies.

Wait, I solved it by adding html, which luckily, I know. Hmm I hope the rest of you are not having problems with this new blogger like I am, this is terrible!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Your vintage suitcase collection is cool! I've been toying with the idea of getting at least one but space is always an issue for me.

  2. Yay! I can read my comments! I use mine to store other things in, so I justify having them for this reason. Plus they are easily mobile and can keep your little treasures safe and sound. :)

  3. I have many and have also collected them for all my vintage clothing. Most of them have pretty satin lining. Getting harder to find in excellent condition so others must be doing the same.
    I like to put sets back together also.

  4. I wish I had complete sets, but I love the character of the odd but similar ones.

    Yes, insides are beautiful!

  5. Those suitcases are great! And yes, the new Blogger format has put me under the bus. Things will look fine and then when I save them, there are tons of spaces where I didn't put spaces. It takes me four or five times just to get a blog post right.

  6. Oh, so the whole format is bad. I use updated browsers but a lot of people don't so it must be terrible with the flash elements.

  7. I LOVE vintage suitcases too! xo


  8. I swear to God, we really ARE secret sisters. You're just starting back to blogging and so am I!!! I don't like the new format--the old one was JUST FINE. I'm sure the Blogger brains thought it would be easier to use but it's just boring. I found an incredible photo on Pinterest of a set of gorgeous vintage turquoise luggage displayed inside a vintage turquoise VW bus--very droolworthy. Missed you!!!!

  9. Hey! I was thrilled to see a comment from you awaiting moderation~

    I see we were both busy working hard. I am ready to shop eBay again and spend a little of my earnings. But so happy to see you back too!

  10. There's an option somewhere where you can choose to insert breaks by html or by the enter key, I found it when I was fiddling about with the new format, though I'm not sure where it is in the options!

    I love the suitcases! I only have one small one and the lid has fallen off due to fatigue in the cardboard, I need to find a way of fixing it.

  11. Love your stack!!! I have many myself all over the bedrooms in my 1959 ranch house! Mary

  12. i love the suitcases, they are allways a very nice decoration. Thank you for the post and the pictures, regards Jürgen

  13. Totally cool luggage - I love the mystery in wondering where it has traveled.