Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vintage Cold War Atomic Bomb Civil Defense First Aid Kit

While the rest of you are discussing jello molds and fashion, I am preparing for civil defense!

Good people of the mid-century, the threat of an atomic bomb is real! You must prepare!

Looks like I will be prepared for all sorts of things with this very cool real civil defense first aid kit.

All sorts of goodies like these safety pins which I will need to pin up bandages on hurt people. You know, those who did not prepare and build a fallout shelter!

Dressings and important "stuff" for when we are attacked by that big bad nuclear bomb! Don't forget to be well advised on what to do in case the atomic bomb is dropped!

A booklet to inform and . . .

. . Enough body tags to assess the wounded. Don't be one of them!

I do not want to frighten any of you, I only want you to be safe in case of a hairy nuclear attack on your neighborhood. Take the time to learn the right things to do . . .

This really is cool, and it goes well with my other civil defense Atomic Bomb items. It pays to be ready, just in case!

Happy Wednesday to all my blog friends!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Vintage Metal Western Horse Toy

Dipping my toe back in the eBay shopping market. I swear they changed the format again, as I was shopping today. Used to be a little secondary search window at the top, right, now that's gone.

At any rate, I snagged this charming little vintage metal western horse toy with great patina for only $0.99 US. Big buy!

I have a similar vintage or antique metal racehorse Mom gave me years ago. So this guy will fit right in.

I checked all my usual categories on eBay and find I am more selective than ever. I don't want "stuff" but only things I cannot live without.

Was tempted to bid on a vintage red slipper chair. The price was right as was shipping, but when I inquired about musty or moldy scents, the seller not only dodged the question but said a "bad smell" was no reason for a return.

Wow! Lost a sale!

I bought a beautiful vintage slipper chair a couple years ago on eBay, and it had a heavy musty smell. No matter what I tried, there was no getting rid of that smell! It's been in the dry heat here long enough where the smell is not noticeable much anymore, but I'm not going through that again. No thanks!

I hope all my blog friends are doing well!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vintage Luggage Suitcases

Hello! Thought I'd post a couple photos of some of my vintage suitcases. Don't you love these? I collected them at thrift stores over the years, and bought authentic vintage travel stickers to put on them. Others already had some on them.

They are in a closet and make great storage cases. Mine are filled with vintage quilts, laces, some of my vintage art supplies and other goodies.

I have literally not looked at eBay auctions in months. And for the first time today, I checked out some of my saved searches. What fun! I have missed it! I haven't bought a thing in 9 months so now I think I can buy a little bit, guilt-free.

But there's always that decision: Should I get it or shouldn't I? Will it fit in that spot, or not? The troubles of us vintage buyers! Ha ha!

The last couple posts I made, I was not even able to view comments or your blogs due to some kind of browser incompatibility with this new fangled upgrade blogger made. If I look on another browser I can read, so will have to try switching this to another browser, dig out passwords and get my email for this blog on the other browser too. I have so much going on in each browser it's a whole process.

At any rate, I miss you all terribly, and am excited to get back to my home project as I have made no progress in the past 9 months.

. . . Oh geez! Now I see I am unable to make paragraph breaks in my text to make this easier to read even though I see them in my "compose" area! Oh dear, this is a problem! My apologies.

Wait, I solved it by adding html, which luckily, I know. Hmm I hope the rest of you are not having problems with this new blogger like I am, this is terrible!

Happy Saturday!