Monday, April 16, 2012

Pink Room #2

Continued from my last post...

In my attempt to keep up with blogging, even a little, I snapped some poor photos of the details in my pink room. Please forgive the poor quality! Also, I know my dear regulars will recognize these things already, apologies for different photos of the same things.

I have a set of poodle pictures like the one above. The pink girl poodle with her pink pom poms. So cute! The male version has black pom poms and they are talking on the phone to each other.

Somehow the flash didn't go off, but I couldn't resist getting these 1950's Eames ballerina lamps. I never was a ballerina person, but I also wasn't a poodle person, but some rooms just need the old standards when it comes to 1950's decorating.

As all of you know, you can click on the images for a larger look.
These little perfume bottles and little things may not look like much, but Mom bought some of these for me as a kid, and the other little things I kept from my childhood, including the little wooden Disney "Lady" necklace from Lady and the Tramp.

Dolls given to me by my Grandma when I was a girl, (and a few other things), some very old, like the paper thin celluloid twins in the red check dresses, and a Lenci felt doll.

The handmade small cloth doll and her handmade clothes in a little trunk. I bought her off eBay because I simply could not resist! I'll take a few photo of her wonderful hand sewn clothes and post soon. She's styled like a Flapper and the clothes appear to be from the 1930's. Any other handmade doll lovers out there?

The little wooden cats, chenille white cat and rabbit were all things I had as a girl, including some of the cats Mom bought me over the years. The RCA transistor radio that kept me company many a long night as I had insomnia as a kid, too.

Again, no flash! But I love my RCA Vibra AM radio with the snowflake grill! I have this playing 24/7 in my pink room. I wish it were FM so I could dial in a oldies radio station, but I have a 24 hr comedy show on AM.

The horse dish is a wonderful sweet 1940's trinket dish, and I loved horses as a girl, so I got this off eBay too.

I haven't even looked at eBay I have been so busy the past 8+ months. In a way this is good. I saved money while working new businesses, but in a way I am sad for all the deals that slipped past me.

I pretty much have everything I want for my house, but if I just logged into eBay, and I think I will check all my old searches. Maybe I can add something new!

Won't keep apologizing for not having much time these days, I know you all understand. Seems we have to work harder these days to make ends meet.

Last time I made a post I could not post comments on your blogs because blogger was being a pain, but will try to make it around and visit even if I cannot comment. Will try!

Happy Monday to all my friends!