Saturday, September 3, 2011

UPDATE on eBay Auction

This is the email I got from the seller:

"Had you bothered to contact me you would have been told that there is nothing wrong with your order. I had ebay remove *NEW* listings I had started due to a fee dicrepency. I have no idea why they are emailing all of my buyers but your item will ship in the morning. Check my feedback and know that you are in good hands. I will no longer be selling with ebay due to this latest list of garbage they have put me through. You can find me on Ebid.net. Lower deller fees means lower prices for buyers! Wendy"

Had I "bothered" to contact her? Her auction vanished from my list after I paid for it, how the hell was I going to contact her except via eBay dispute center? And why didn't she email her buyers so they wouldn't worry? Huh? Tell me that, snarky lady!! lol...

eBay sent me two more emails, one stating: "Urgent Information Regarding Your eBay Account". It simply stated the auction was "reinstated".

Well that was... Scary to get an email with that title!


You can bet I ain't gonna go look for her on Ebid.net, but mentioned Ebid.net in case anyone reading this wants to check them out as another option to buy and sell.

Thank you for all the comments regarding this latest eBay drama. In my 11 years on eBay, I never experienced this! Good thing I didn't buy another gray dapple Arabian, thinking this Breyer horse was "gone".

Hope all my American friends have a wonderful Labor Day holiday, and the rest of my friends have a wonderful weekend!