Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mid Century Orbs

Snagged this to hang in the Space room. (Orange on the inside, 7" diameter). It's space-age, right? Looks like it to me. Seller said he had a twin, but it has a hairline crack. I took a chance and gave him a few bucks more for the second one. Fingers crossed it arrives in one piece, he offered to glue it, but that could cause a lot of problems... So, I'll get at least one. :) I hope!

Happy Tuesday. I'm still playing in the Pink room, my old childhood bed room, trying to get it fixed up the way I want it.

Oh and I got that RCA Victor Vibra radio in my last post already, and I love LOVE it!! No glowing from the back, thanks to (Carole, I believe?) so I guess it's a transistor, which is better.

Keep an eye out on eBay for one, really nifty, I love mine! :)