Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Bought A Pink Mid Century Boomerang Trivet!! Whoo hoo!

My Dear Blog friends, I have had NOTHING to talk about lately! I was so desperate to write about SOMETHING I bid on and won this trivet! Yes it's been that bad!!

But check it out, THIS was the auction photo, but what arrived was the photo at the top!! Whoo hoo! Can you imagine, do you see the color difference? I sure do!!

It's a little scuffed up, so I am using it as a computer mouse pad since the spongy one's keep making my mouse shut itself off, which means I have to reboot the computer half the time to get the wireless mouse to "find" the computer, so this was a perfect solution.

Let me tell you, seeing and hearing me try to bend over and get under my computer desk to unplug and plug my computer back in so the mouse connects is NOT a pretty sight! I mean, my knees crack and I groan all the way down with my bad back. I need to hire me one of those service monkeys, but it would be my luck all it would do it throw poo at me lol. Oh gee guess I am officially an old lady now that I'm thinking "service monkeys".

I've been looking for a vintage bedspread that SORT of looked like the one I had as a kid. This one went on sale, I got distracted, it went OFF sale %@#*&, watched it, and it went ON sale again. Whoo hoo lol.. Snag.

Cute, price was pretty good, with the 30% off. Damn I sure the hell hope recreating this whole second childhood things is worth it. I better be able to lay in that room, in that bed and be childhood HAPPY again or some heads are gonna roll!!

Still waiting on my Black Stallion Breyer horse. Auction says "will be mailed within 2-4 days", but it's been over two weeks now. WHY ME!!!??? Please Dear ebay gods, do NOT make this another battle with a seller! I am getting to old for this kind of nonsense!! Make it arrive on my porch soon. Thank you.

Uh oh, a quick check of their auctions and someone who bought an item on the same day I did, gave them a neg for not hearing from the seller or getting their item. Yeah, I always pick the lucky one's hahaha. Case with ebay opened. Didn't I just do this?

Speaking of...

Oh and that OTHER crazy lady seller who was rude to me over the gray Breyer horse?

The one who pulled her own completed auctions, including the one I already paid for, without a peep out of her, with eBay sending me these ominous emails that said :
IMPORTANT INFO REGARDING YOUR EBAY ACCOUNT: Recently an auction was canceled do to POSSIBLE suspicious activity!!!

The one where I then filed a dispute with ebay, and she sent me that snarky email? The one who told me in that email:
"Had you bothered to contact me you would have been told that there is nothing wrong with your order."

Well I was nice and gave her a neutral feedback, stating "I got my item, but seller was rather rude after she canceled her own wining auction".

She emailed me, but I didn't read it. Muahahahaaa... Why let her get the last word in? Believe me, I did NOT feel good doing that, but I get tired of taking crap from crap sellers.

Please don't think I am unsympathetic to the crap sellers take from buyers, been there, done that. But her response was just so uncalled for, I mean, hey, didn't she think it might be odd to the buyers if winning auctions VANISHED from peoples ebay list with no trace EXCEPT to contact ebay? Hello?

So, the deed was done. She's lucky I didn't give her a negative feedback. Sheesh!

Gee, scarce pickin's lately!! I hope you are finding better goodies than I am! Happy Wednesday!!!