Sunday, August 14, 2011

Who Will Keep Our Memories?

I am still reliving my second childhood and having such fun! I am still soooo in love with this Steiff tiger! As I mentioned, they are cheap, cheap on eBay, the "newer" vintage one's like this selling for $10 - $20 US (Starting at $6.20 in UK pounds, $9.70 Aussie). Now how can you not love that?

Now see? this post about "Pam", on Eartha Kitsch's blog, just gets me. About how everything we are, gets thrown out, or if we are lucky, sold off when we die. Or at least, some of us lol. Do you think about this? I do. Too much.

Which I why I have vowed to get out all the things I love, and enjoy them now, and get rid of the rest of my "stuff" or meaningless junk. I'm almost there. That's part of what I have been doing the last few years.

I found a Sears catalog with the exact same set of French Provincial furniture I had as a kid. Gee it was expensive back then. I know it was a stretch for Mom to get this for me, and I am sure the family spent at least a year or more paying it off.

She got me the stuff at the top of the page, which was most expensive.

But how cool to see it again!

One of my vintage composition dollies. Mom loved her dolls. I wasn't so crazy about them like she was, but I love these girls.

This one has my little Steiff Gussy cat I bought years ago at a yard sale for a quarter. A lot of money for me back then!

The girls have other clothes. I bought an inexpensive lot of doll clothes on eBay, and I need to see if they fit.

Do you still play with dolls? I hope so!

A gift from Mom years ago. A book called The Little Wooden Doll, and a wooden doll that came with it. Sweet.

Just a few of the many, many horse books I used to read, and love, as a kid. Do you still have some of your favorite childhood books? I cheated and bought a few on ebay. They are very inexpensive.

Mom, bless her heart, bought me a few pieces of "good" jewelry for me as a young lady.

She tried her best to make me feel special, and she did.

I mentioned these before. The vintage chenille cat, flocked rabbit and the two wooden "puppet" cats. I made them this special box long ago to store them in safely. Now they have come out to play again. I adored "littles" like these, as I used to call them.

The Ballerina jewelry box I bought recently with some of my vintage things. Back when I'd wanted a horse so badly, I bought the stop watch. I don't remember why this was important, except I think I was reading The Black Stallion, and it seemed important to be able to time my horse doing something, when I got it lol...

The little tiny Mammy doll and toothpick doll Mom got me for my doll house. I hope to have that out and set up soon!

And a little Christmas in August! Vintage snowmen and a wooden train.

The wooly sheep and baby jesus in the wooden cradle were Grandma's, the rest, Mom's, as she loved Christmas.

OK, so, do you think a lot about what will become of your things after you die, or do I simply have a terribly fatalistic attitude that should be pushed aside in favor of enjoying what we have now? lol... (I do enjoy "now", but times I think about it...)


  1. I guess I just figure that when I'm dead and gone, I won't know what happens to my stuff. I think my kids will want some of my furniture...a dining room set and credenza come to mind...but the rest will probably be sold in the store. How unsentimental is that? Surely they'll wait a while before they say, "Hey, now that Mom's gone, how much do you think we should ask for this couch?" Kinda like the extreme version of the movie Please Give...LOL

  2. Every time I think about this topic, I think about "old lady bags." This is what I call the awesome little grab bags from the thrift store that are obviously the remains of someone's sewing or craft boxes that have been bagged up by the children and given to the thrift store. I love them. I imagine a sweet old lady feeling happy that her treasures ended up with someone who loves them. I have two boys, so the likelihood that they will have any interest in my little treasures is slim. And really, I consider how little interest I had in any of my parents' things other than the photo albums. I also consider how uncomfortable I feel when my MIL tries to push a lot of her stuff on us, so I don't really want to do that to my kids. I figure that I'd rather they sold the things of value that they don't want and hold on to the stories and memories. I would also say that if I had a great quantity of valuable, vintage things and no one who was interested in them, I'd probably take steps through my will to see to it that those items would get to someone who would love them as much as I did, even if it wasn't family. I feel fairly lighthearted about that because my love of vintage things in my own life is only shared by my friends in blogland :-) and I don't take it personal that my RL frieds and family just don't get it.

  3. Umm... WOW! I was aww-ing and ahh-ing at everything!

    There is just too many things to love in these pictures, everything is so charming I want it all! Hahaha!

    My favourite items have to be the musical jewellery box because it's just so darling and the flocked rabbit and chenille cat because they are adorable! I want to smoooth them! xxx

  4. Hmmm good thoughts, Dana and Shannon. Yeah, Mom hoped we'd love the things she loved, but mostly, we didn't, and I don't. I love what she gave me now, more, but... She still has a lot of things i just could not love!

    As for my goodies, if every single thing I ever owned was tossed out, I suppose it wouldn't matter, I'll be dead lol.

    Guess I get on these big sentimental kicks sometimes, like reading Eartha's blog post. :)

    Thanks, VGS!!!

  5. My sister in law had a French provincial bedroom set like that! How pretty and feminine.

  6. that's so sweet of your mom. it's nice that you remember the kind things she did. i wonder if my kids will think that i put any effort into their upbringing (i try...)

    i love the french provincial furniture--i've been scouring craigslist looking for a set for my daughters.

    i get overly sentimental (mostly mental) about my things too, but the memories are still what's important. i just hope the cool stuff i have collected goes to anyone else who likes cool stuff too.

    @ Shannon --haha! i love the old lady bags too! i just picked up one that had to be the contents of a nightstand. i love looking at the little treasures people kept, wondering why these things were indeed treasures...

  7. Ah I see you found a set! (in catalog anyway) Mine was similar, with the #16 chest but I had two twin beds with just a headboard and a one drawer nightstand with shelf. The headboard had a solid panel in the middle. I seem to remember going to a furniture store to get it, but if not, I'm sure it was Sears!

    As for the books, the ones I remember best are Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden. And there was one about a candystriper but I don't recall the name. And the Little House books were a favorite.

    Mom didn't have a lot of 'old' stuff. She grew up poor so she always liked new. She had a few dishes bought with Green Stamps, her mother's hankies, some glass items like the nesting hen dish and a couple pieces of costume jewelry; that's it. One time she said she was going to get rid of some of the dishes (platters that were used once a year) but I told her she couldn't get rid of my inheritance!

  8. Oh, and I don't have any kids, so I already know that my stuff will end up with strangers. I assume if they get it, it's because they wanted it and will enjoy it. Until then, I'm going to enjoy it and not worry!

  9. your collections are lovely!!
    i have the same wooden doll..she has always been a favorite of mine.
    thanks for sharing your memories..they brought back many lovely ones for me!!

  10. emily: I'm getting so many things we used to have, if I add that French furniture I will go nuts trying to find it all! It had yellowed badly so I got rid of it. Thankfully I'm not driven to replace it. I hope you find yours!

    ladybug: Now I wish I still had my furniture!

    Your Mom similar to my Mom, she grew up poor, and didn't have much of a childhood, so she bought a lot of "new" things, starting in the 70's when she went back to work. Also why I have a lot of 70's things from her.

    Oh yes, she got me some Nancy Drew, I almost forgot!

    Ann, the same doll that went with the book? very cool!

  11. Aw, that post about "Pam" made me kinda sad. I guess it's something to think about.

  12. Yeah, me too, B.J. :( I think about that too often, perhaps....

  13. You sentamental thing you no wonder I enjoy your blog you are so much like me.I have told my kids that they must go thru everything and sell the rest it may look like junk to them but its worth something to others I got "YES MUM" with a sigh lol I have things form girl hood too I think thats why people like you and me so enjoy finding the same things again

  14. Well, this is weird, because I happened to get a message today that one of my Jr. High friends had died suddenly. I had, just not too long ago, looked at her facebook. She called it "Virginia's world", and her gardens were so pretty. She loved animals and had pets that will surely miss her. Just had a new grandbaby, and a husband that adored her.
    That got me in a similar mood, and I started wondering what I should do with some of this "stuff!" I worry about who would love my pets the most. I do have kids, but not sure what might happen to everything. I don't want them to have to "clean" basement alone would be a nightmare. So - yes I think about it. PS Love all your things that remind and comfort you.

  15. What a beautiful blog today. Your talent of putting your thoughts into beautiful words are inspiring and seem to touch a nerve each time I read something here. Your idea about re-collecting & enjoying things from your childhood has also been an inspiration (Or...a bad influence, depending how one looks at it *G*) & I have already begun to put together an extra bedroom as a setting for all the things I will start to re-collect. Unfortunately I don't have much left from my childhood because mom was great at getting rid of stuff as we "grew out" of them :- ( We moved around a lot so she just got rid of stuff. Like your mom she didn't have much. She was what we now call a "single mom" but back then referred to (in no-so-good terms)as a "Divorcee". And like your mom she didn't have much but always did her best to see that "her girls" had the best she could afford and most often better than she could afford. Thanks once again for the memories and your inspiration. Perhaps I should make a blog although I would certainly not be able to be as expressive, inspirational and interesting as you are! Great job!

  16. Ha ha Nelly, if I had kids, I'm sure mine would tell me how they couldn't wait to throw all my crap out when I died lol... be my luck.

    ZSM: Yeah, seems to me a lot of people I know are sick or have passed lately too. One person passed 6 years ago and I just heard about it. A dear friend I think has passed, but I can't seem to find out, but it's been four years and not a word despite all my attempts.

    Vickie: Yes!! Start a blog.

    There were a lot of unhappy and unkind times in my childhood. For years I couldn't think of much good about it. But as I get even older, now I simply long for the innocence I felt, at times, back then. The hopes and dreams, if nothing else.

  17. Well OKAY, I did it! Talked me into it. I went & got a blog! What have I got myself into?! But I am having a struggle figuring out how to customize it, i.e., a picture at the top, adding stuff to the sides, doing the profile, actually putting pics on it, etc. ect. etc. So, for a little while I will be screaming & crying & tearing (my remaining) hair out (patience is not one of my virtues in old age :- ) So, when I get it all figured out (if - BIG "if" I ever do) you can be the first to visit ~ I'd love to have ya! (Yikes! What have I done?!?!) ~Vickie~

  18. OMIGOSH! After I posted that I noticed my actual blog name and link up there. Oh lord. Click on it & it's an empty home - oh mercy.

  19. LOL!! Well, blogger is sooo much easier to learn than wordpress, believe me. Talk about tearing out your last remaining hair, I did on wordpress!!

    We all had to learn, so I just started blogging, then I learned as I went.

    Basic tip that helped me is knowing I can upload images right to blogger. Took me a year of hosting images somewhere else before i figured it out. Yeah, I'm that dumb sometimes lol

  20. P.S. you have made your blog private, in case you didn't know. :)

  21. Oh lordamercy, of course I didn't know it. Well, guess I know what I'll be doing the rest of the day INSTEAD of housecleaning & laundry. Thanks for the heads-up. Hopefully I can get it all remedied soon.

  22. Once you become familiar with the tabs across the top when you are on the "Design" or whatever page, click around, see what things do. They make it quite easy to figure out compared to other blogs with a WYSIWYG format. If you do not know what WYSIWYG format means, be thankful lol....

    Oh and ask. People are more than willing to ask. :) I do the same, right on my blog when I can't figure something out.

    Hey, laundry can wait another day, right? Right? :)

  23. I have The Black Stallion, all of my Misty books, and a few other horse books that had belonged to me as a teenager. I also have my original board games (Monopoly, Parcheesi, Sorry, etc). All still in very good condition. I have little else (an paternal aunt gave away all of my belongings after my mother passed away), but come across things now and again that I think about buying for old times sake. lol

    Funny, dh and I were discussing the other day about what might happen to the stuff that I collect (vintage photographs and the like). We have no children, so they'll probably end up back where they were found, antique stores, vintage shops, etc., assuming that whomever deals with them considers it. I shudder to think they could end up thrown away, but if they do, I guess they do.

  24. I have to resign myself to the same thing, Carole. If everything I loved is heaped out in the trash, what can I do? I have no kids, so.... Even if I did, there's no guarantee.

    So I resolved to TRY and "play" a little with my stuff every day, even for a few minutes, if possible. Enjoy it as much as I can. :)

    I hope your photos are bought and loved by someone else.

    I wish I had kept more of what I had as a kid, but I had very little, so I didn't throw out that much stuff.

  25. I know that I need to purge more. I buy and sell dolls because I was bummed when my daughter out grew them. I loved seeing your vintage collection. Thanks for sharing. I have the adult version, in Cherry wood, of the French Provencial furniture. I always wanted a set like the one you have. A lot of people are painting stuff like this white, but I'm too lazy. lol

    Right now my e-Bay store is closed but when I reopen it I'll post on your store link.

  26. I love seeing all of your treasures and hearing your thoughts on this. Yes, I think about it a lot. Thanks for linking back to the blog. :)

  27. Well, I know I need to be "downsizing" (Ha! Not happening yet) but I told the kids that if I kick the bucket before I get around to it, they're going to have one GREAT garage sale!

  28. So funny. I had a French Provencial bedroom set as a young girl in the 70's too. The LIttle Wooden Doll book and doll are precious!

  29. This really touched me...I lost my Dad to a stroke a few years ago and a flood of memories came back as I read through your poignant details of the little things that your Mother did that meant something to Father couldn't afford much but what little he had he spent on the kids and not himself...thanks for sharing. One of my favorites was a little plastic purse with a transparent front that had a tiny little "Polly pocket" type doll in it. Back in the 70's. It was really wonderful.

  30. Hello and thanks for sharing. I remember the Polly pocket dolls. :)

    Yes Mom was the same. We had so little money, but she tried her best to make us kids feel good. People say "Appreciate them while they are here", and I did, but you don't know how much you lose, until they are gone.