Sunday, August 14, 2011

Who Will Keep Our Memories?

I am still reliving my second childhood and having such fun! I am still soooo in love with this Steiff tiger! As I mentioned, they are cheap, cheap on eBay, the "newer" vintage one's like this selling for $10 - $20 US (Starting at $6.20 in UK pounds, $9.70 Aussie). Now how can you not love that?

Now see? this post about "Pam", on Eartha Kitsch's blog, just gets me. About how everything we are, gets thrown out, or if we are lucky, sold off when we die. Or at least, some of us lol. Do you think about this? I do. Too much.

Which I why I have vowed to get out all the things I love, and enjoy them now, and get rid of the rest of my "stuff" or meaningless junk. I'm almost there. That's part of what I have been doing the last few years.

I found a Sears catalog with the exact same set of French Provincial furniture I had as a kid. Gee it was expensive back then. I know it was a stretch for Mom to get this for me, and I am sure the family spent at least a year or more paying it off.

She got me the stuff at the top of the page, which was most expensive.

But how cool to see it again!

One of my vintage composition dollies. Mom loved her dolls. I wasn't so crazy about them like she was, but I love these girls.

This one has my little Steiff Gussy cat I bought years ago at a yard sale for a quarter. A lot of money for me back then!

The girls have other clothes. I bought an inexpensive lot of doll clothes on eBay, and I need to see if they fit.

Do you still play with dolls? I hope so!

A gift from Mom years ago. A book called The Little Wooden Doll, and a wooden doll that came with it. Sweet.

Just a few of the many, many horse books I used to read, and love, as a kid. Do you still have some of your favorite childhood books? I cheated and bought a few on ebay. They are very inexpensive.

Mom, bless her heart, bought me a few pieces of "good" jewelry for me as a young lady.

She tried her best to make me feel special, and she did.

I mentioned these before. The vintage chenille cat, flocked rabbit and the two wooden "puppet" cats. I made them this special box long ago to store them in safely. Now they have come out to play again. I adored "littles" like these, as I used to call them.

The Ballerina jewelry box I bought recently with some of my vintage things. Back when I'd wanted a horse so badly, I bought the stop watch. I don't remember why this was important, except I think I was reading The Black Stallion, and it seemed important to be able to time my horse doing something, when I got it lol...

The little tiny Mammy doll and toothpick doll Mom got me for my doll house. I hope to have that out and set up soon!

And a little Christmas in August! Vintage snowmen and a wooden train.

The wooly sheep and baby jesus in the wooden cradle were Grandma's, the rest, Mom's, as she loved Christmas.

OK, so, do you think a lot about what will become of your things after you die, or do I simply have a terribly fatalistic attitude that should be pushed aside in favor of enjoying what we have now? lol... (I do enjoy "now", but times I think about it...)