Monday, August 29, 2011

Vintage Model Horses - Breyer and Peter Stone

I guess if you were a kid and you liked horses, you have heard of Breyer model horses. They've been around a while, since 1950, and they still make them today.

I just added this 1981 issue of The Black Stallion to my collection. Hey, it was $5, and $5 s/h, in excellent condition, according to the description.

Since I just bought a few of The Black Stallion books by Walter Farley I read as a girl, what the heck.

These are my Breyer horses from when I was young.

Not too many. But I sure loved them.

Don't know why I wound up with more Appaloosa's than Arabians, because Arabians have always been my favorite.

Still, no matter, I played with them very carefully.

No Barbies for me! This was my toy of choice.

So I happened to be looking around eBay at the Breyers, and wow, they have all this tack for them too!

Cool, realistic halters...

And OMG look at the bridal and saddle combo! If I had this when I was a kid, I would have gone... Can I say it? Frikkin' crazy happy if I had this realistic looking tack to play with!!

And they have all kinds of tack and stuff nowadays. If you know horses, yeah, all of that stuff!

Then I saw all these fancy Arabian halters and lead ropes.

And I noticed this model horse modeling these halters was particularly stunning.

That's when I discovered, Peter Stone model horses for the first time. About a week ago.

I guess "Stone horses" as they are known, have been around as long as Breyer, but gee, a poor kid like me would have never been able to afford one. They all seem to start at $150. Custom one's much higher. I'm glad I didn't know about them because I would have spend my childhood drooling over the Peter Stone horses and feeling like my Breyers were a little less cool than I thought they were.

I guess folks do these "mock" horse shows with them? But wowie wow they are amazing!

Nope, can't start collecting them now, even if I can afford them. I just cannot justify sinking money into a model horse that I could buy an amazing mid century lamp for.

But gee... They are beautiful.

I suppose toy horses was the first thing I collected.

Did you collect anything as a kid? I bet you did too!!