Friday, August 5, 2011

More Childhood Memories

I know this is a Steiff tiger, but I believe Steiff made these up until fairly recently, and this guy looks to be in such good condition, he may be "newer" than I am, but I had one of these as a kid (bought at a thrift shop or yard sale). But his face! Sooo charming! Prices are good on common Steiffs these days, (read: CHEAP!) so he has a new home.

I think I was 25 before I finally got my very own stereo, but for years all I had was a little transistor radio and an ear plug I used to listen to late into the night. OK, so mine was white, but transistor radios are cheap, cheap and they made a lot of them, so these can be bought for a few dollars too.

I'm afraid the songs on the radio have changed, though lol.

I'm not 100% happy with the curtains I got for the Space room, but price was CHEAP!! And just enough material for the two windows. I can get a different kind in the future, but for some reason, finding barkcloth in the right colors and design and enough material for the vintage Space room, has gone on for over two years without luck, so I finally have to get something!

I got my set of vintage artists paints, brushes and supplies and while I'm thrilled, a tube of dark cerulean blue exploded in transit from the pressure. Ha ha! Blue stained fingers, even now! I didn't mind so much, it was confined to one area of the inside of the box, but I always hated wasting good oil paint.

I didn't have much as a kid, and I'm not buying many things, and I still have some of my stuff, oh and my childhood was less than "ideal", but as you get to be an old bat like me, it's very "soothing" to remember good times, even if they weren't fantastic at the time. Some of the memories were. At least I can recreate a better one now lol.

I remember adults telling me to "enjoy being a kid" but I couldn't wait to grow up! Now I see what they meant. They were right ha ha.

For the "older folks", do you still have or collect the things you had as a kid? Better yet, favorite childhood memories? Simple things, big or small... I know I asked this about toys before, but I guess I'm on a childhood kick lately.

Uncle Atom fed into this when he mentioned Dairy Queen on his blog and I wrote a long missive about how they just tore down my local Dairy Queen after about 60 years. Boo hoo!!

Happy Friday, I seem to be a little uninspired about my blog posts lately, sorry for the repeat questions! I get bouts of depression and can't think of fun things to say.

Oh and a huge THANK YOU to Vintage Coconut for her offer to send me a replacement horsie! She found two at a yard sale I believe, and I couldn't imagine breaking them up they had been together for so long. What a sweet thing to offer, tho, thank you!!