Monday, August 29, 2011

Vintage Model Horses - Breyer and Peter Stone

I guess if you were a kid and you liked horses, you have heard of Breyer model horses. They've been around a while, since 1950, and they still make them today.

I just added this 1981 issue of The Black Stallion to my collection. Hey, it was $5, and $5 s/h, in excellent condition, according to the description.

Since I just bought a few of The Black Stallion books by Walter Farley I read as a girl, what the heck.

These are my Breyer horses from when I was young.

Not too many. But I sure loved them.

Don't know why I wound up with more Appaloosa's than Arabians, because Arabians have always been my favorite.

Still, no matter, I played with them very carefully.

No Barbies for me! This was my toy of choice.

So I happened to be looking around eBay at the Breyers, and wow, they have all this tack for them too!

Cool, realistic halters...

And OMG look at the bridal and saddle combo! If I had this when I was a kid, I would have gone... Can I say it? Frikkin' crazy happy if I had this realistic looking tack to play with!!

And they have all kinds of tack and stuff nowadays. If you know horses, yeah, all of that stuff!

Then I saw all these fancy Arabian halters and lead ropes.

And I noticed this model horse modeling these halters was particularly stunning.

That's when I discovered, Peter Stone model horses for the first time. About a week ago.

I guess "Stone horses" as they are known, have been around as long as Breyer, but gee, a poor kid like me would have never been able to afford one. They all seem to start at $150. Custom one's much higher. I'm glad I didn't know about them because I would have spend my childhood drooling over the Peter Stone horses and feeling like my Breyers were a little less cool than I thought they were.

I guess folks do these "mock" horse shows with them? But wowie wow they are amazing!

Nope, can't start collecting them now, even if I can afford them. I just cannot justify sinking money into a model horse that I could buy an amazing mid century lamp for.

But gee... They are beautiful.

I suppose toy horses was the first thing I collected.

Did you collect anything as a kid? I bet you did too!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Steiff

So cute. I'm sure it's one of the newer "vintage" Steiff's but I got it for a song, and she's adorable! Floppy cat.

What kinds of stuffed toys did you have as a kid?

I've been redoing the pink room, again. It's slow going, because the summer heat slows me to a crawl. The heat dulls my mind and I can't think of a single clever thing to say!

What has everyone else been up to?

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Who Will Keep Our Memories?

I am still reliving my second childhood and having such fun! I am still soooo in love with this Steiff tiger! As I mentioned, they are cheap, cheap on eBay, the "newer" vintage one's like this selling for $10 - $20 US (Starting at $6.20 in UK pounds, $9.70 Aussie). Now how can you not love that?

Now see? this post about "Pam", on Eartha Kitsch's blog, just gets me. About how everything we are, gets thrown out, or if we are lucky, sold off when we die. Or at least, some of us lol. Do you think about this? I do. Too much.

Which I why I have vowed to get out all the things I love, and enjoy them now, and get rid of the rest of my "stuff" or meaningless junk. I'm almost there. That's part of what I have been doing the last few years.

I found a Sears catalog with the exact same set of French Provincial furniture I had as a kid. Gee it was expensive back then. I know it was a stretch for Mom to get this for me, and I am sure the family spent at least a year or more paying it off.

She got me the stuff at the top of the page, which was most expensive.

But how cool to see it again!

One of my vintage composition dollies. Mom loved her dolls. I wasn't so crazy about them like she was, but I love these girls.

This one has my little Steiff Gussy cat I bought years ago at a yard sale for a quarter. A lot of money for me back then!

The girls have other clothes. I bought an inexpensive lot of doll clothes on eBay, and I need to see if they fit.

Do you still play with dolls? I hope so!

A gift from Mom years ago. A book called The Little Wooden Doll, and a wooden doll that came with it. Sweet.

Just a few of the many, many horse books I used to read, and love, as a kid. Do you still have some of your favorite childhood books? I cheated and bought a few on ebay. They are very inexpensive.

Mom, bless her heart, bought me a few pieces of "good" jewelry for me as a young lady.

She tried her best to make me feel special, and she did.

I mentioned these before. The vintage chenille cat, flocked rabbit and the two wooden "puppet" cats. I made them this special box long ago to store them in safely. Now they have come out to play again. I adored "littles" like these, as I used to call them.

The Ballerina jewelry box I bought recently with some of my vintage things. Back when I'd wanted a horse so badly, I bought the stop watch. I don't remember why this was important, except I think I was reading The Black Stallion, and it seemed important to be able to time my horse doing something, when I got it lol...

The little tiny Mammy doll and toothpick doll Mom got me for my doll house. I hope to have that out and set up soon!

And a little Christmas in August! Vintage snowmen and a wooden train.

The wooly sheep and baby jesus in the wooden cradle were Grandma's, the rest, Mom's, as she loved Christmas.

OK, so, do you think a lot about what will become of your things after you die, or do I simply have a terribly fatalistic attitude that should be pushed aside in favor of enjoying what we have now? lol... (I do enjoy "now", but times I think about it...)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Giveaway At Vintage Christines!

Go check out this amazing giveaway at our friend Vintage Christine's! She will be giving away other goodies too, so go, follow her blog, you will adore her if you don't know her already, and enter to win!

Friday, August 5, 2011

More Childhood Memories

I know this is a Steiff tiger, but I believe Steiff made these up until fairly recently, and this guy looks to be in such good condition, he may be "newer" than I am, but I had one of these as a kid (bought at a thrift shop or yard sale). But his face! Sooo charming! Prices are good on common Steiffs these days, (read: CHEAP!) so he has a new home.

I think I was 25 before I finally got my very own stereo, but for years all I had was a little transistor radio and an ear plug I used to listen to late into the night. OK, so mine was white, but transistor radios are cheap, cheap and they made a lot of them, so these can be bought for a few dollars too.

I'm afraid the songs on the radio have changed, though lol.

I'm not 100% happy with the curtains I got for the Space room, but price was CHEAP!! And just enough material for the two windows. I can get a different kind in the future, but for some reason, finding barkcloth in the right colors and design and enough material for the vintage Space room, has gone on for over two years without luck, so I finally have to get something!

I got my set of vintage artists paints, brushes and supplies and while I'm thrilled, a tube of dark cerulean blue exploded in transit from the pressure. Ha ha! Blue stained fingers, even now! I didn't mind so much, it was confined to one area of the inside of the box, but I always hated wasting good oil paint.

I didn't have much as a kid, and I'm not buying many things, and I still have some of my stuff, oh and my childhood was less than "ideal", but as you get to be an old bat like me, it's very "soothing" to remember good times, even if they weren't fantastic at the time. Some of the memories were. At least I can recreate a better one now lol.

I remember adults telling me to "enjoy being a kid" but I couldn't wait to grow up! Now I see what they meant. They were right ha ha.

For the "older folks", do you still have or collect the things you had as a kid? Better yet, favorite childhood memories? Simple things, big or small... I know I asked this about toys before, but I guess I'm on a childhood kick lately.

Uncle Atom fed into this when he mentioned Dairy Queen on his blog and I wrote a long missive about how they just tore down my local Dairy Queen after about 60 years. Boo hoo!!

Happy Friday, I seem to be a little uninspired about my blog posts lately, sorry for the repeat questions! I get bouts of depression and can't think of fun things to say.

Oh and a huge THANK YOU to Vintage Coconut for her offer to send me a replacement horsie! She found two at a yard sale I believe, and I couldn't imagine breaking them up they had been together for so long. What a sweet thing to offer, tho, thank you!!