Monday, July 11, 2011

My eBay Buying ID Was Suspended LOL!! WARNING - A Rant

Got an email about a long forgotten eBay ID of mine. Something about increasing seller limits. I never used that ID except to post on their chat boards a few times.

When I checked that ID by "searching for a seller" on eBay, I was shocked to see it had 7 negative feedbacks for non-mailing, and ripping people off.

It had been hacked, and someone used it to sell things they never intended to mail.

In a bit of a panic, I contacted eBay "Trust and Safety" immediately concerned about My personal info being accessed.

Long story short, I was accused of being the fraudulent seller of the other ID, and no, they weren't concerned about how someone else was able to use the other ID, it must have been me, or my fault, and they suspended my current buying ID!

When I explained to her that I doubted very much that REAL scammers called eBay and admitted to fraudulent IDs associated with IDs in good standing, and give verifiable info that the buying ID was Me, she wasn't swayed.


I had to remind her, the reason I called was that I was CONCERNED an ID of mine had been HACKED, and I was concerned my personal info was compromised, The rep once AGAIN accused me of being the scammer, or of knowing the person who did it. Because she was convinced, eBay IDs never get hacked.

Finally she got off the topic of accusing ME of being the scammer, and then accused me of either being "phished" or being lax about sharing my password. Uh, NO.

Well, this kind of put a damper on things! For now. I can easily sign up with a new ID. Big deal. It's a non issue. But jeepers, they sure weren't concerned for MY trust and safety.

Yes, yes, I've heard this kind of story all too often when it comes to eBay. No, I'm not "swearing off" eBay just YET. But they had some balls flat out accusing me of ripping people off rather than giving me any confidence that MY trust and safety was a concern.

Thanks for letting me vent. :)