Monday, July 11, 2011

My eBay Buying ID Was Suspended LOL!! WARNING - A Rant

Got an email about a long forgotten eBay ID of mine. Something about increasing seller limits. I never used that ID except to post on their chat boards a few times.

When I checked that ID by "searching for a seller" on eBay, I was shocked to see it had 7 negative feedbacks for non-mailing, and ripping people off.

It had been hacked, and someone used it to sell things they never intended to mail.

In a bit of a panic, I contacted eBay "Trust and Safety" immediately concerned about My personal info being accessed.

Long story short, I was accused of being the fraudulent seller of the other ID, and no, they weren't concerned about how someone else was able to use the other ID, it must have been me, or my fault, and they suspended my current buying ID!

When I explained to her that I doubted very much that REAL scammers called eBay and admitted to fraudulent IDs associated with IDs in good standing, and give verifiable info that the buying ID was Me, she wasn't swayed.


I had to remind her, the reason I called was that I was CONCERNED an ID of mine had been HACKED, and I was concerned my personal info was compromised, The rep once AGAIN accused me of being the scammer, or of knowing the person who did it. Because she was convinced, eBay IDs never get hacked.

Finally she got off the topic of accusing ME of being the scammer, and then accused me of either being "phished" or being lax about sharing my password. Uh, NO.

Well, this kind of put a damper on things! For now. I can easily sign up with a new ID. Big deal. It's a non issue. But jeepers, they sure weren't concerned for MY trust and safety.

Yes, yes, I've heard this kind of story all too often when it comes to eBay. No, I'm not "swearing off" eBay just YET. But they had some balls flat out accusing me of ripping people off rather than giving me any confidence that MY trust and safety was a concern.

Thanks for letting me vent. :)


  1. Dont blame you for venting maybe there is someone over her you can talk to?Nothing worse than someone accusing you of something you didnt do and she sounds like a cow.Hope it doesnt happen again.

  2. Not a problem!

    Most of us have had issues with ebay at some point. IME, they don't give a sh!t unless you're a which point they are SOOOO helpful it's quite insane!

  3. Holy moly! That's outrageous! All the money they make off the likes of us and then to accuse you, grrrrrr, I do hope you get it sorted!

  4. Yeah, that part cheesed me off too, STM.

    And that they admitted NO possible culpability at all...

  5. You would think they come across this fairly often and know how to better handle it. :-/

    I bought an italian charm for my sister on ebay and I mentioned in the seller's ratings that it took a bit longer than I would have liked and then he responded in my feedback in this swearing rant!! Come to find out this selling did the same thing to other buyers who left anything but glowing comments. It was like they were totally schizo or something. Pretty bad when it's something I haven't easily forgotten. :P Again, I still use ebay so I guess it didn't totally traumatized me. :)

  6. I would definitely call back and try to talk to somebody higher up, and complain about that person. Perhaps threaten them to go public with the fact that they have security breaches!

  7. People have been doing that for years, de rein,

    and people have had complaints about eBay and paypal since it's inception, so it wasn't "personal" to me.


    It's making me question whether or not I wish to help support their company with my money. Which is a shame for all the hard working honest folks who sell on eBay.

  8. Sorry to hear bout this, what a horrific experience. I think you should really send a formal letter to somehow higher and relate what happened to you. THis should never happen again.

  9. I stopped using eBay due to similar problems. Enough said.

  10. We've decided to sell on etsy and not even bother with eBay. I'm not ready to quit buying on eBay yet, but horror stories like this keep cropping up, and it may become necessary to quit using eBay altogether someday. Like AOL, it seems the bigger they've gotten, the more unresponsive and insensitive they've become.

  11. Grrrr. I think this is the new model of customer service, sadly. I hardly ever go to ebay anymore. This isn't the reason but my son sells on Amazon and I like to shop Etsy. If I ever could let go of anything it would probably go to Etsy.

  12. Wow I can't believe that! So sorry to hear. How frustrating. I'd be pissed!

  13. One of the joys of getting older (and you have to start counting the good things) is I don't get as upset over these kinds of issues like I used to. Or I don't stay upset very long.

    I like eBay far too much to give up MY joy of shopping and buying on eBay, due to THEIR one bitch in Trust and Safety dept.

    Until they shut me down completely, and even then I know ways around the usual "blocks", I'm not giving up searching for wonderful mid-century goodness on eBay.

    I may wait a few days to get going again, but... They haven't beat me lol.

    Thanks everyone for letting me get this off my chest. Posting about it here was very therapeutic. :)

  14. Oh my goodness! This is horrible. I'm glad you can figure out how to keep shopping. I rarely ever use my ebay account, like once a year. But my husband is an ebay addict. Hopefully, he won't have to worry about anything like this. He still has his yahoo account from 1998 while I've switched email addresses several times.

  15. As you can see I'm going backwards reading your posts. This one gave me a start since I absolutely had no idea people could hack your freakin' eBay account! I know there are dishonest people out there (obviously) and today I read how some of them will buy an antique from a dealer who will accept returns and then the cheat sends back a REPLICA! And when the seller reports this, eBay is usually on the buyer's side!! I'm like you, I like buying on eBay too much to stop--plus you can't get the deals on Etsy that you can get on eBay. PLUS if you sell on Etsy your photos have to have the "Etsy look" or no one will buy from you (true--I had a store until recently and someone told me my photos didn't have the "Etsy look".) I guess it's like all the pix you see these days of posing girls who ALL have a hand on one hip, are slightly turned to the side and have one knee slightly bent. Every single photo of my niece is exactly like that!!!! OK, I'm waaaaay off the subject now but you really don't have to publish this since it's being written nearly a month after you did this post. I'm babbling, so bye-bye.