Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In My Desperation To Recreate My Childhood...

I had to get this little quilt square because of all things, it has my Moms name embroidered in the middle square. Chances of that are? Slim. Had to get. Yeah, I know, it must sound strange to some of you. That's ok lol...

Ha ha "recreating" my childhood is not really a "desperation" but it's a challenge.

Do you remember the things you had as a kid? I'm having a heck of a time remembering!!

Obviously it wasn't that many things, or I would remember.

Anyway, getting a few little things to put in the pink room as I recreate the little "princess" room I wish I'd had as a kid.

Actually Mom was able to swing a wonderful French... Something bedroom set from Sears, complete with a canopy bed, desk, chair and dresser. Thank you Mom, I know it was a stretch back then.

I'm not going to buy that set of furniture again (I haven't seen it) but...

I remember a little traveling carnival came to town, and I learned how to play this horse racing game really well. I won quite a few of these cheap pot metal horses. I was horse crazy as a kid, and besides my Breyer horses (I still have) this was one of the things I collected as a kid. Horses.

I used to go to thrift shops as young as 7 or 8 years old, and I know I would have fallen in love with this horse dish as a kid. That's coming home to me.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit the ballerina stuff I am getting. Is it silly? Do I seem senile? I prefer "eccentric" thank you. Nope, never wanted to dance, except there was that tap dance class I took as a wee little girl. Maybe that's the reason? I did wear a pink tutu.

I know I had one of these music boxes. Maybe mine was a bit older, but geez there are other eccentric old ladies out there that like Ballerina music boxes too, and I didn't want anything fancy or expensive. I didn't have fancy as a kid.

And the art supplies I WISH I'd had as a kid. I was drawing when I was little. Horses, mostly. Mom was kind enough to let me have the nice oil paint set her Mom gave her, but i thought they were too good for a kid like me to use at the time, so i saved them. Still have them and Grandmas brushes. Thankfully as they mean a lot to me, because Mom and Grandma were artists too.

Prices are great this time of year, so I have been picking this stuff up for a song. There are a few books I can remember reading as a kid, and I am looking at those next.

What about you? Do you still have the things you played with as a kid? Do you collect the things you played with or get toys and stuff you WISH you had as a kid?