Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In My Desperation To Recreate My Childhood...

I had to get this little quilt square because of all things, it has my Moms name embroidered in the middle square. Chances of that are? Slim. Had to get. Yeah, I know, it must sound strange to some of you. That's ok lol...

Ha ha "recreating" my childhood is not really a "desperation" but it's a challenge.

Do you remember the things you had as a kid? I'm having a heck of a time remembering!!

Obviously it wasn't that many things, or I would remember.

Anyway, getting a few little things to put in the pink room as I recreate the little "princess" room I wish I'd had as a kid.

Actually Mom was able to swing a wonderful French... Something bedroom set from Sears, complete with a canopy bed, desk, chair and dresser. Thank you Mom, I know it was a stretch back then.

I'm not going to buy that set of furniture again (I haven't seen it) but...

I remember a little traveling carnival came to town, and I learned how to play this horse racing game really well. I won quite a few of these cheap pot metal horses. I was horse crazy as a kid, and besides my Breyer horses (I still have) this was one of the things I collected as a kid. Horses.

I used to go to thrift shops as young as 7 or 8 years old, and I know I would have fallen in love with this horse dish as a kid. That's coming home to me.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit the ballerina stuff I am getting. Is it silly? Do I seem senile? I prefer "eccentric" thank you. Nope, never wanted to dance, except there was that tap dance class I took as a wee little girl. Maybe that's the reason? I did wear a pink tutu.

I know I had one of these music boxes. Maybe mine was a bit older, but geez there are other eccentric old ladies out there that like Ballerina music boxes too, and I didn't want anything fancy or expensive. I didn't have fancy as a kid.

And the art supplies I WISH I'd had as a kid. I was drawing when I was little. Horses, mostly. Mom was kind enough to let me have the nice oil paint set her Mom gave her, but i thought they were too good for a kid like me to use at the time, so i saved them. Still have them and Grandmas brushes. Thankfully as they mean a lot to me, because Mom and Grandma were artists too.

Prices are great this time of year, so I have been picking this stuff up for a song. There are a few books I can remember reading as a kid, and I am looking at those next.

What about you? Do you still have the things you played with as a kid? Do you collect the things you played with or get toys and stuff you WISH you had as a kid?


  1. I find NOTHING strange about this. Everyone is at least a *little* sentimental.

  2. Agreed, sentimental can't have any dollar value. I see stuff I used to have as a kid I'm tempted to buy just to have it. Maybe recreate my own childhood? :)

    I have these plastic Care Bears (hello 80s!) my nana gave to me and now my kids play with them. My nana got me everything Care Bears! :) She passed away in May, so I think they're even more special to me.

  3. French Provincial furniture? White with gold trim? I had that growing up in the early 70s; kept it until 2002 or 2003. I remember I also had a large plaster/ceramic Raggedy Ann doll lamp-not one of those piddly little nursery lamps. Lamp is long gone. Don't know if I could find the right kind, but I guess I could get a fabric doll as a nod to the lamp!

  4. I had one of those ballerina jewellery boxes too! Maybe a lot of us did? I can't remember much of what I had though, I only seem to remember things when I see them, then it comes rushing back to me. Do you think our nostalgia for our childhood increases as we age further?

  5. French provincial! Thanks, that was it! White with gold trim.

    BJ the things Mom gave me mean so much to me now that she is gone. Silly old sentiment.

    Well whew, glad I'm not the only one who thinks of those childhood things, and can't seem to remember many of them UNTIL I see things on places like eBay.

    Yes Mom always told me things I had as a kid would mean more to me later, but my room was 10' x 10', so small, so periodically I'd throw things out for newer, more "mature" things. Ahh Mom was right!

    And the older I get, the more nostalgic I feel about it...

  6. I totally get where you are coming from (read my teddy post) lol I am a collector of nostalgia and I swear its why I buy certain things for my grandkids (really for me ) they dont appreciate things anyway not like I used to as a kid,I still have my 1st barbie and other things for crying out loud lol
    I do love that quilt how sweet it had mums name xxx

  7. I know that is a lot of why I want to surround myself with the childhood wasn't perfect, God knows, but there was a sense of comfort at my Grandma's house and also in the era. I had to have a "vanity" with a skirt on it. I do still have that, but it's not in great shape. Otherwise, I don't have much of what I had. I too had the French Provencial white furniture. It had a "plate" behind the handle that could be reversed, one side pink and one side blue!
    Mostly I try to collect things that Grandma would have had/used, or Mom, in the fifties and sixties. Hence, all my "stuff" still in the packages!

  8. Ahhhh.. I do this too! (Purchase things that remind me of my childhood.)
    One of those purchases (Tall tupperware cups in clear and aqua exactly like my Grandma had!) I remember whenever asking for a drink she would grab one of those cups fill it up with juice or water and hand it to me. For some reason there is a smell that goes along with them. *hahah* I also like to buy things I have seen in old family photos too.
    I had a ballerina jewelry box too, I remember the pink fuzzy inside. I was a tomboy and put things like bottle caps and golf balls in mine! ahahah

    I don't think there is anything wrong with you! LOL

    That quilt square is pretty

  9. Doesn't sound the least bit strange to me. In fact I love everything you've collected! I think we even had one of those metal horses around our house. I wonder what my kids will find nostalgic - computer software programs?

  10. aww Mom somehow saved the first teddy bear she got for my late brother, and luckily I have a photo of him and Mom at Christmas with him holding it.

    Zoot my childhood left a lot to be desired, which is why I am "recreating" it, in a way. At least things were more innocent when I was younger, and while I felt the tension of life even as a young girl, I still played and had hopes and dreams. Then I grew up and they all went to hell lmao.....

    VC I remember the smell of those cups! And bakelite, and the smell of the dresser in my parents room (which luckily, I still have that dresser) and the old books Mom had.

    Helen I find it hard to imagine kids today will find anything charming in 30-40 years. They are doing nothing but texting, emailing and talking on the phone and computer with other people. I guess old cell phones and computers will be the nostalgia. Seems kind of sad somehow.

  11. Utah Oilfield TrashJuly 28, 2011 at 2:42 PM

    I still have my old metal Tonka trucks from when I was a kid (late 1970's) and they are in really great condition considering how much I played with them. I've also got a couple handfulls of Hotwheels and Hotwheels garage I played with a kid. Unfortunately, I repainted a few of them not so neatly, mind you. (cringing to see what collectors would pay for them if I hadn't been so artistic) My wife like to joke about the thousands of dollars of hotwheels I have stashed unopened in the closet from when I was a single man with too much cash in pocket. I haven't told her that I will some day revert back to being even more of a child than I am now and open them all---maybe even repaint a few!

  12. I still have my Snoopy plush that my aunt and uncle gave me when I was 3. It's 33 years old now. He's been around Europe once and off to college a couple of times. I did leave him home when I went on my honeymoon. But he's made every move with us. Just recently our kitten, Jack, decided to make Snoopy his - curled right up in Snoopy's lap and took a snooze. It was cute until he woke up and started chewing on his nose. I had to remove the kitten. Poor Snoopy!

  13. Your ballerina pictures are SMASHING! Wish I had them. Collecting is whatever makes the heart sing.