Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Holiday Haul

The July 4th weekend, or any summer holiday weekend, seems to be a good time to snag a few deals on places like eBay.

I didn't get as much this July 4th, I've already got most of what I need.

But this turquoise footstool just called my name: "1950's Atoooomic Raaaaanch Laaaaady!!" lol.. Plus I have two in this exact same pattern in white and pink, so this was a good choice to add to them.

Speaking of "kitsch" and stereotypical 1950's "stuff" I've decided to add to my poodle collection. My collection consisted of...

One. A large pink stuffed poodle.

I thought this adorably kitsch, with male and female poodle calling on the phone, not to mention, I finally got my own very first vintage gravel art pictures! Whoo hoo! I guess I sort of predicted the trend a few years ago right here on my blog, that vintage gravel art would become more popular. Funny thing is, I don't have any of it... Until now. Pierre will need a pom for his tail, but I'll pick one up at the craft store. Oui!!

So, to go with the 1950's kitsch ballerina lamps, I needed a stereotypical poodle family on a gold chain. Yes, every 1950's house should have ONE poodle thing SOMEWHERE! :) And a paint by numbers. And a snow globe.... (I have yet to get those).

And I bought these lamps, strictly for the lamp shades ONLY... For the ballerina lamps, who are currently shadeless and looking very nekkid.

Were you able to snag some deals this past weekend???

A big THANK YOU to all who posted their opinion in my last post about defining your OWN 1950's style. I loved all your comments. It's funny I bought the poodles just before the anon comment about looking "too 50's" was brought up. Now I'm glad I did lol...

Happy Wednesday blogland, and all my wonderful friends. I hope you have having a fab 50's (or vintage) day yourself!!!!