Thursday, July 28, 2011

Looks Like We Are Going To Have To Put Her Down

Awww what a shame!

Now who'da thunk something made of metal could be so fragile?

This poor old gal will have to be put down. No big loss, I think I paid $10 total, but posting these to show the seller to let them know.

I'm more sad something vintage has been damaged beyond repair.

Time to go carnival horse hunting again!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In My Desperation To Recreate My Childhood...

I had to get this little quilt square because of all things, it has my Moms name embroidered in the middle square. Chances of that are? Slim. Had to get. Yeah, I know, it must sound strange to some of you. That's ok lol...

Ha ha "recreating" my childhood is not really a "desperation" but it's a challenge.

Do you remember the things you had as a kid? I'm having a heck of a time remembering!!

Obviously it wasn't that many things, or I would remember.

Anyway, getting a few little things to put in the pink room as I recreate the little "princess" room I wish I'd had as a kid.

Actually Mom was able to swing a wonderful French... Something bedroom set from Sears, complete with a canopy bed, desk, chair and dresser. Thank you Mom, I know it was a stretch back then.

I'm not going to buy that set of furniture again (I haven't seen it) but...

I remember a little traveling carnival came to town, and I learned how to play this horse racing game really well. I won quite a few of these cheap pot metal horses. I was horse crazy as a kid, and besides my Breyer horses (I still have) this was one of the things I collected as a kid. Horses.

I used to go to thrift shops as young as 7 or 8 years old, and I know I would have fallen in love with this horse dish as a kid. That's coming home to me.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit the ballerina stuff I am getting. Is it silly? Do I seem senile? I prefer "eccentric" thank you. Nope, never wanted to dance, except there was that tap dance class I took as a wee little girl. Maybe that's the reason? I did wear a pink tutu.

I know I had one of these music boxes. Maybe mine was a bit older, but geez there are other eccentric old ladies out there that like Ballerina music boxes too, and I didn't want anything fancy or expensive. I didn't have fancy as a kid.

And the art supplies I WISH I'd had as a kid. I was drawing when I was little. Horses, mostly. Mom was kind enough to let me have the nice oil paint set her Mom gave her, but i thought they were too good for a kid like me to use at the time, so i saved them. Still have them and Grandmas brushes. Thankfully as they mean a lot to me, because Mom and Grandma were artists too.

Prices are great this time of year, so I have been picking this stuff up for a song. There are a few books I can remember reading as a kid, and I am looking at those next.

What about you? Do you still have the things you played with as a kid? Do you collect the things you played with or get toys and stuff you WISH you had as a kid?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

1950's Googie Atomic Westclock Alarm Clock

We all see vintage, 1950's mid-century alarm clocks, but the "Googie" style of this one, and the color (for the master bedroom, which needs more blue/turquoise) caught my eye, and... I snagged it.

The whole deal over my eBay IDs being blocked knocked me out for a few days, I have to admit. But I finally resolved it and went browsing on eBay again. I love "shopping" online too much to give it up. And, there is no place like eBay to find the variety and great deals I find there.

Happy Saturday to all my friends! Very busy lately, will try to catch up on all your blogs. :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

What Will Be Popular 50 Years From Now?

I discovered my other eBay ID has been "put on hold" until I can verify that one as well. Missed out on a sweet auction deal because of it, and I am not looking forward to dealing with eBay reps after my last experience with them. Sigh.

At any rate, I got to thinking: We select the things we think were iconic during the 50's, or mid century, today. Not necessarily the things that were popular back then, but things we think best represents what each of us enjoyed about the mid century era.

So what do you think will be popular and iconic about our era, the turn of the century, 50+ years from now? What will people think was cool about the times we live in now?

I thought about it, and I'm drawing a blank!

I bet you have better ideas!

Happy Friday to all my friends!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ballerinas and Poodles

Both the lampshades for the ballerina lamps, and the white poodle family arrived today, and I am thrilled!!

Shades are perfect, perfect for the lamps!

Soooo cute!! I just love my latest additions!

I was a died in the wool cat and horse lover as a kid, so why the ballerinas and poodles is beyond me. All I know is, I adore them here in the pink room!! This used to be my room as a kid, and I guess I have some idealized version of the way it used to be. If you think I am trying to recapture my youth, you are 100% correct!!

Going to change this room around again. Seems to me I have done this a few times already. But what I want to do is get my old handmade dollhouse displayed in here, but... That will take some time and work.

At any rate, I didn't want the negative post I made yesterday to linger too long, I really do love the things I find on eBay, and I'm not going to let one witch keep me from finding mid-century treasures. :)

Thanks for all your comments.

Happy Monday!!!

My eBay Buying ID Was Suspended LOL!! WARNING - A Rant

Got an email about a long forgotten eBay ID of mine. Something about increasing seller limits. I never used that ID except to post on their chat boards a few times.

When I checked that ID by "searching for a seller" on eBay, I was shocked to see it had 7 negative feedbacks for non-mailing, and ripping people off.

It had been hacked, and someone used it to sell things they never intended to mail.

In a bit of a panic, I contacted eBay "Trust and Safety" immediately concerned about My personal info being accessed.

Long story short, I was accused of being the fraudulent seller of the other ID, and no, they weren't concerned about how someone else was able to use the other ID, it must have been me, or my fault, and they suspended my current buying ID!

When I explained to her that I doubted very much that REAL scammers called eBay and admitted to fraudulent IDs associated with IDs in good standing, and give verifiable info that the buying ID was Me, she wasn't swayed.


I had to remind her, the reason I called was that I was CONCERNED an ID of mine had been HACKED, and I was concerned my personal info was compromised, The rep once AGAIN accused me of being the scammer, or of knowing the person who did it. Because she was convinced, eBay IDs never get hacked.

Finally she got off the topic of accusing ME of being the scammer, and then accused me of either being "phished" or being lax about sharing my password. Uh, NO.

Well, this kind of put a damper on things! For now. I can easily sign up with a new ID. Big deal. It's a non issue. But jeepers, they sure weren't concerned for MY trust and safety.

Yes, yes, I've heard this kind of story all too often when it comes to eBay. No, I'm not "swearing off" eBay just YET. But they had some balls flat out accusing me of ripping people off rather than giving me any confidence that MY trust and safety was a concern.

Thanks for letting me vent. :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Holiday Haul

The July 4th weekend, or any summer holiday weekend, seems to be a good time to snag a few deals on places like eBay.

I didn't get as much this July 4th, I've already got most of what I need.

But this turquoise footstool just called my name: "1950's Atoooomic Raaaaanch Laaaaady!!" lol.. Plus I have two in this exact same pattern in white and pink, so this was a good choice to add to them.

Speaking of "kitsch" and stereotypical 1950's "stuff" I've decided to add to my poodle collection. My collection consisted of...

One. A large pink stuffed poodle.

I thought this adorably kitsch, with male and female poodle calling on the phone, not to mention, I finally got my own very first vintage gravel art pictures! Whoo hoo! I guess I sort of predicted the trend a few years ago right here on my blog, that vintage gravel art would become more popular. Funny thing is, I don't have any of it... Until now. Pierre will need a pom for his tail, but I'll pick one up at the craft store. Oui!!

So, to go with the 1950's kitsch ballerina lamps, I needed a stereotypical poodle family on a gold chain. Yes, every 1950's house should have ONE poodle thing SOMEWHERE! :) And a paint by numbers. And a snow globe.... (I have yet to get those).

And I bought these lamps, strictly for the lamp shades ONLY... For the ballerina lamps, who are currently shadeless and looking very nekkid.

Were you able to snag some deals this past weekend???

A big THANK YOU to all who posted their opinion in my last post about defining your OWN 1950's style. I loved all your comments. It's funny I bought the poodles just before the anon comment about looking "too 50's" was brought up. Now I'm glad I did lol...

Happy Wednesday blogland, and all my wonderful friends. I hope you have having a fab 50's (or vintage) day yourself!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

You Have A Right To Define YOUR 50's Style

I received an anonymous comment on an old post I made, about considering putting black and white checkerboard design flooring in my kitchen. I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to discuss personal taste...

Here is my original post:

I’d been wondering about what to do with the flooring that needs to be redone in the areas of the house without the hardwood floors: The entranceway, kitchen and bathrooms.

Then I came across this standard black and white checkerboard flooring on eBay:

$10.99 a linear foot. I’m sure I could find it for less. But it is a do-able standard pattern, and I like it. Using it for all the floors that need it would be more cohesive throughout the house rather than a different design for the different rooms/areas.

It would work quite well. A little bit “diner-ish”, but I’ve always loved this pattern. It wouldn’t be “true” to the house, the original Linoleum patterns are impossible to find, and to be honest, they weren’t outstanding patterns at all. The bathrooms were kind of a grey-streaked style, the entranceway a white with black streaks and the kitchen looked like small colored tiles in traditional mid-century colors.

Note I do say it looks "a little bit diner-ish", but I do love the pattern.

Here is the anonymous comment I got about this post:

Oh no....I hope you didn't really put this black and white "malt shop-style" flooring down. If you did, did you get a neon sign to put outside you place that says Mel's Drive In or maybe See's Candy? Please...do your research and see what other colors, styles and patterns where around then. You would be surprised what you can create with what's available today.

Well!! Nice to see folks comfortable enough to feel they can express their opinion about what your home should and shouldn't look like!! lol...


This person also included a link to some 50's tile floor designs which, quite frankly I wouldn't dream of using in my kitchen no matter how "traditional" they were. I would have felt the same back when this design was new. MY opinion.

It's MY opinion, that it would be a disaster to put something this busy and dark on a kitchen floor. It simply looks, in MY opinion "dreary".

Now if YOU have floors like this, please don't take offense at MY opinion. Perhaps if I saw your kitchen with one of these designs, I would change my mind!! But I wouldn't dare tell you I thought it looked dreary lol. If it makes YOU happy, who am I to judge? To each his or her own.

But if one really IS to "do their research", you'll be hard pressed to find living rooms photographed from the 50's containing HeyWake furniture, Majestic, Moss or Continental Art Company lamps, bullet planters and even two-tiered fiberglass lamp shades like many modern "50's homes" have today.

In fact, they had very standard lamp shades, non-descript lamps, and Colonial style was all the rage. I don't know a single "modern" 50's style enthusiast that fills their home with Colonial revival.

Yes, people back in the 50's were nostalgic for the "good old days" too, and for them, that meant a style from 30-50 years earlier, just like we do today.

The things we are attracted to today, are things selectively picked from the 50's, that we feel best represents the 50's as seen from a distance of time. As I have said before, the whole "atomic" phenom of today wasn't seen the same as back then. Yes, science and the atom were new and exciting, but the atomic bomb was a real threat.

I don't recall seeing a single kitchen when I was growing up, that had floor tiles like the ones seen in the link, nor as dark as shown in the photo above. Colors were always lighter, less busy. Maybe it's a regional thing?

I also never heard of bullet planters or majestic lamps until I started to see what was for sale, and what was most popular in regards to the 50's, on eBay, as I started to concentrate my focus on decorating and 1950's interior design.

Certainly not when I grew up during the 50's and 60's. Again, maybe it's a regional thing? A class thing? I didn't grow up hanging out with well to do people. Were they the one's who had all these iconic items? Anyone?

But here's MY opinion:

If YOU want pure 50's kitsch, black and white diner style floors, jukeboxes, poodle skirts, Elvis and soda shop stools, then by all means HAVE it!!

We should all decorate our homes any way we see fit! If it makes you happy, then don't listen to a single other person. You have to live there, not anyone else. Fill your house with whatever mid century style you wish! I know I am. :)

Happy July Fourth to all my US blogger friends, and happy Monday to everyone!!!