Thursday, June 2, 2011

What Are YOUR Hobbies?

We all love LOVE buying vintage treasures, I know many of you have turned it into a business.

But once in a while I like to combine my love for vintage with one of my favorite hobbies: art.

Won this collection of wonderfully vintage calligraphy pens for a song yesterday. I don't do much calligraphy lately, but I know these will look good in a mid century ceramic cup on display in my Studio.

I've collected vintage art supplies over the years because art is something I've been doing, well, my whole life: Brushes, artists supply box, older paint palettes, watercolor tins... Things like that. Some I use, some I display.

I have the set of oil paints my Grandmother had, or sent to my Mom (I forget which), and brushes that were Grandmas.

So I was curious if any of you have other hobbies, that you try to buy vintage items to represent or use?