Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Shabby Chic 1940's Phase - Antiques, Vintage

I discovered some old photos on disks of my art Studio. Well, it became more of a vintage showcase after a while. But I thought some of you might be interested to see this stuff.

Above is an old wooden display case, showing some of the very few family antiques I have, I believe mostly from my maternal great Grandmother, and Grandmother. Old school books (childrens books?) from the turn of the century, antique purses, a small sewing kit, some tatting or lace, and handmade cards, some from my great Aunt.

I believe the delicate pink thing (upper left) is called a "maids cap". All hand sewn. You can click for a larger image on any of these photos.

My Aunt gave all of this and more to me when I went to visit her in the 70's. She said it was all antique lace and lingerie from her mother in law. She was going to throw it out, so of course I agreed to take it!!

More of the lace and tatting and such from my aunt, to the right.

My art Studio. For several years it was an Art Deco theme of black and gray with red accents. I think that was before I got my digital camera.

Paint by numbers on the wall, plastic flowers (why did I re-sell all those? I had so many!), a vintage statue of Josephine Mom's had forever...

My wonderful green crushed ice formica kitchen table. More paint by numbers, and such....

My 1950's working Packard Bell TV. I know Dana over at Mid2Mod is going to send me the Packard Bell console (stereo? What was it again?) she has, right Dana? Ha ha.

And well, just more cosmetics, knick knacks, and I see my 1950's pink poodle there. Again, click on pic if you like to see details. I like to look at all the little things other folks have, so I made these images quite large.

Well, there you go! Something a bit different today. I went through the "Shabby Chic" phase, but realized as much as I love the look? I didn't like living with it. Too many things to dust off! My art Studio isn't exactly air tight, so a lot of dust gets blown in there on a daily basis. But it sure looked nice for the time I did it.

Happy Saturday everyone! Thanks for stopping by!