Monday, June 6, 2011

Mid Century Atomic Eames Ashtrays!

Thanks once again to our friend zootsuitmama, for the idea of showing photos of our ashtrays! Well, she suggested ashtrays and tablecloths, but I admit I don't have time today to pull out my tablecloths... Boo!

So a quick shot of my cool ashtrays.

The fat lava ashtray just arrived today. Hooray! (Above).

A pink ashtray on a cool wire tripod stand. Gee I have a thing for ashtrays on these tripod stands... This pink one is my favorite.

A pair of chartreuse ones I got... Still getting things done in the house, so I stuck this with my pair of 1950's black panthers...

You all have at least ONE black panther in your 50's house, don't you?? Everyone should have at least one. A poodle too.

The black and white ashtray I got from our friend Vintage Christine. When I saw it in one of her photos she showed us, at the place she goes to sell stuff (sorry Christine, I forget where!!), I knew I had to have it if she didn't sell it... And she didn't!

Oh my gosh! If I were a real 50's housewife, I'd be horrified at the dust here! I am, sort of lol... The price I pay for working so much, and while I was also working in the master bedroom, the poor living room was temporarily neglected. It gets dusty in there! This is supposed to be black, but it just looks... Dirty.

So, not many, but I sure love what I have! As always, smokers are welcome, just please smoke on the back porch, no smoking inside the 1950's Atomic Ranch House. Ashtrays inside are for looks only. :)

Please share your vintage ashtray collection, if you have one, on your blog so we can all see what YOU have! zootsuitmama says she has a prize for the person with the most ashtrays!

Happy Monday to all my blog friends!