Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's A Buyers Market on eBay

I'm chained to my computer longer than those poor Chinese kids who work at sewing factories. In fact, I'm jealous of them... At least they get one day a week off... Har...

What to do while I slay corporations and perform aggressive take-overs? Why browse eBay, of course!

So what the hell is this thing? Well, there is a term for rough looking metal mid century sculptures: "Brutalist" or "Brut" for short. Ever hear of it? No? Plug the word into eBay, you'll see what I mean.

So when I saw this bright red "Brut" enameled candle holder, rather tall, around 17", I just had to have it.

You see, scented candles, or burning a lot of them, have replaced being the crazy cat lady. So instead of collecting cats, I guess old bats like me now burn scented candles. I still do both. Have cats and burn scented candles. In that order.

But seriously, I keep my eye out for interesting looking sculptures. This was cool enough, and, cheap! Crazy candle cat lady cheap.

I think I paid a total of $5 for both these red, white and blue, USA, plastic patriotic 1970's necklace and earring sets.

Nothing says "I love America" like plastic.

Thanks to you fellow bloggers who turned me on to 70's stuff and helped me to appreciate it as a real vintage instead of "just the junk I had when I was younger than I am now" lol.

Oh boy, HAD to get this super duper cool small space rocket lampshade!! OK, so it has a LITTLE damage, but we don't have to have EVERYTHING perfect? Right?? Cheap, cheap.

So I HAD to get a lamp to go with it, and found this base in white, which matched the same lamp base I already have in the spaceroom in black. Oh yeah, it was cheap!!

So, even as a an American chained to my work seven days a week, you can still find great deals for mere yuan lol...

Happy Tuesday evening from 1950's Atomic Ranch House, where every day is Monday!! :)