Friday, June 17, 2011

How Hard Is It To Find A 1950's Eames Mid Century Magazine Rack?

Not hard to find them at all...

Hey, we all have this hardback Better Homes and Gardens decorating book, don't we? (Below in blue). It's a staple for every mid century home.

What's hard is finding a mid century magazine rack in a style you want.

All of these have a style where your magazines have to sit up on end.

And I don't know about your vintage magazines, but mine refuse to cooperate, and they slump over sideways.

Or you have to sort of curl them up so they will behave.

I bought one several months ago with two "shelves" in which the magazines lie flat...

And I finally found another!

This kind displays your vintage magazines, newspapers and books beautifully. They lay nice and flat. You see, I have a thing about function being as important as form. Bonus: the "atomic particle" ball feet. I have a thing for those, too.

Now I can put all those vintage newsworthy newspapers Mom saved from noteworthy events on display!

Happy Friday to all my blog friends! Still working on cleaning out closets and kitchen cabinets. So boring I wouldn't dare show photos or talk about it. Not much to say this time, but wanted to say hello to all my friends. A bit of a string of boring posts lately, my apologies!