Monday, June 13, 2011

For The Pink Room, For The Space Room

I don't know why these captured my attention. I'm not a ballerina kind of gal. But it's one of those times I saw them, and had to have them. For the pink room, which needs a bit more '50's in it. Both "atomic" and girly. Ballerina lamps.

There are several vintage space rocket banks for sale all the time on eBay. Mostly metal, with a spring action that shoots the coin into the rocket-shaped bank. But I saw this, and once again, not exactly my usual thing, but I had to have it. Folks usually bid on the metal action banks, so this was very inexpensive. Not too "young" looking, is it? Well, I don't think so (I'm trying to keep the space room a bit "older" looking, which means passing up some cute spaceman nursery cutouts for the wall and such). 1960's - 1970's spaceman rocket coin bank.

Retail therapy? It's the only therapy I can afford! Ha ha.

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your own therapy is going well!