Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cool and Easy Eames Mid Century Artwork To Make

Wow, has it been 10 days since I last blogged here?

I get real OCD about my work sometimes. And sometimes I get OCD when things are also busy for me, such has been the case lately.

Pffft, but who cares about that, right?

I've been collecting images of mid century 1950's artworks with the idea in mind to recreate some of these myself for My walls.

I saw this on on eBay a few days ago, and loved it for the simple design and image. I painted a sort of similar artwork like this before. City buildings.

So this one was cool enough to add to my artworks link, located on the right of my blog.

A simple enough design, that anyone could reproduce this, or one much like it.

This one sold for $56, a fair price, but I'd rather make a bigger one, in colors that match the room.

You could too! Using construction paper, acrylic paints or whatever you wanted.

No need to pay mid century prices when you can make your own!

I hope all my good blog friends are doing well, I haven't had time to go around to your blogs, but I'll be coming up for air soon. Meanwhile, have a creative day and make your own original 1950's artworks!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Shabby Chic 1940's Phase - Antiques, Vintage

I discovered some old photos on disks of my art Studio. Well, it became more of a vintage showcase after a while. But I thought some of you might be interested to see this stuff.

Above is an old wooden display case, showing some of the very few family antiques I have, I believe mostly from my maternal great Grandmother, and Grandmother. Old school books (childrens books?) from the turn of the century, antique purses, a small sewing kit, some tatting or lace, and handmade cards, some from my great Aunt.

I believe the delicate pink thing (upper left) is called a "maids cap". All hand sewn. You can click for a larger image on any of these photos.

My Aunt gave all of this and more to me when I went to visit her in the 70's. She said it was all antique lace and lingerie from her mother in law. She was going to throw it out, so of course I agreed to take it!!

More of the lace and tatting and such from my aunt, to the right.

My art Studio. For several years it was an Art Deco theme of black and gray with red accents. I think that was before I got my digital camera.

Paint by numbers on the wall, plastic flowers (why did I re-sell all those? I had so many!), a vintage statue of Josephine Mom's had forever...

My wonderful green crushed ice formica kitchen table. More paint by numbers, and such....

My 1950's working Packard Bell TV. I know Dana over at Mid2Mod is going to send me the Packard Bell console (stereo? What was it again?) she has, right Dana? Ha ha.

And well, just more cosmetics, knick knacks, and I see my 1950's pink poodle there. Again, click on pic if you like to see details. I like to look at all the little things other folks have, so I made these images quite large.

Well, there you go! Something a bit different today. I went through the "Shabby Chic" phase, but realized as much as I love the look? I didn't like living with it. Too many things to dust off! My art Studio isn't exactly air tight, so a lot of dust gets blown in there on a daily basis. But it sure looked nice for the time I did it.

Happy Saturday everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 17, 2011

How Hard Is It To Find A 1950's Eames Mid Century Magazine Rack?

Not hard to find them at all...

Hey, we all have this hardback Better Homes and Gardens decorating book, don't we? (Below in blue). It's a staple for every mid century home.

What's hard is finding a mid century magazine rack in a style you want.

All of these have a style where your magazines have to sit up on end.

And I don't know about your vintage magazines, but mine refuse to cooperate, and they slump over sideways.

Or you have to sort of curl them up so they will behave.

I bought one several months ago with two "shelves" in which the magazines lie flat...

And I finally found another!

This kind displays your vintage magazines, newspapers and books beautifully. They lay nice and flat. You see, I have a thing about function being as important as form. Bonus: the "atomic particle" ball feet. I have a thing for those, too.

Now I can put all those vintage newsworthy newspapers Mom saved from noteworthy events on display!

Happy Friday to all my blog friends! Still working on cleaning out closets and kitchen cabinets. So boring I wouldn't dare show photos or talk about it. Not much to say this time, but wanted to say hello to all my friends. A bit of a string of boring posts lately, my apologies!

Monday, June 13, 2011

For The Pink Room, For The Space Room

I don't know why these captured my attention. I'm not a ballerina kind of gal. But it's one of those times I saw them, and had to have them. For the pink room, which needs a bit more '50's in it. Both "atomic" and girly. Ballerina lamps.

There are several vintage space rocket banks for sale all the time on eBay. Mostly metal, with a spring action that shoots the coin into the rocket-shaped bank. But I saw this, and once again, not exactly my usual thing, but I had to have it. Folks usually bid on the metal action banks, so this was very inexpensive. Not too "young" looking, is it? Well, I don't think so (I'm trying to keep the space room a bit "older" looking, which means passing up some cute spaceman nursery cutouts for the wall and such). 1960's - 1970's spaceman rocket coin bank.

Retail therapy? It's the only therapy I can afford! Ha ha.

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your own therapy is going well!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Friday To All My Friends

My 1950's Atomic Ranch House cat Chris helped me clean the front porch off. That was hard, several big pots that had to dragged or rolled over to the planter to empty the old dirt. He sat, I worked.

I have been getting the stuff out of the living room that I put in there to paint the master bedroom. Not a lot in there, so why is it taking so darn long? Chris helped. He sat while I worked.

After all that hard work, it was nappy time.

Am I a crazy old cat lady? Yes indeed I am!

I bet you have pet friends that help you around your house too, don't you?

By the way, why isn't my list of followers showing up in any of my browsers? Are you seeing it? Does yours show up?

Oh well! I'm sure it will show up again!!

I hope all my friends are doing well this fine day!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's A Buyers Market on eBay

I'm chained to my computer longer than those poor Chinese kids who work at sewing factories. In fact, I'm jealous of them... At least they get one day a week off... Har...

What to do while I slay corporations and perform aggressive take-overs? Why browse eBay, of course!

So what the hell is this thing? Well, there is a term for rough looking metal mid century sculptures: "Brutalist" or "Brut" for short. Ever hear of it? No? Plug the word into eBay, you'll see what I mean.

So when I saw this bright red "Brut" enameled candle holder, rather tall, around 17", I just had to have it.

You see, scented candles, or burning a lot of them, have replaced being the crazy cat lady. So instead of collecting cats, I guess old bats like me now burn scented candles. I still do both. Have cats and burn scented candles. In that order.

But seriously, I keep my eye out for interesting looking sculptures. This was cool enough, and, cheap! Crazy candle cat lady cheap.

I think I paid a total of $5 for both these red, white and blue, USA, plastic patriotic 1970's necklace and earring sets.

Nothing says "I love America" like plastic.

Thanks to you fellow bloggers who turned me on to 70's stuff and helped me to appreciate it as a real vintage instead of "just the junk I had when I was younger than I am now" lol.

Oh boy, HAD to get this super duper cool small space rocket lampshade!! OK, so it has a LITTLE damage, but we don't have to have EVERYTHING perfect? Right?? Cheap, cheap.

So I HAD to get a lamp to go with it, and found this base in white, which matched the same lamp base I already have in the spaceroom in black. Oh yeah, it was cheap!!

So, even as a an American chained to my work seven days a week, you can still find great deals for mere yuan lol...

Happy Tuesday evening from 1950's Atomic Ranch House, where every day is Monday!! :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Mid Century Atomic Eames Ashtrays!

Thanks once again to our friend zootsuitmama, for the idea of showing photos of our ashtrays! Well, she suggested ashtrays and tablecloths, but I admit I don't have time today to pull out my tablecloths... Boo!

So a quick shot of my cool ashtrays.

The fat lava ashtray just arrived today. Hooray! (Above).

A pink ashtray on a cool wire tripod stand. Gee I have a thing for ashtrays on these tripod stands... This pink one is my favorite.

A pair of chartreuse ones I got... Still getting things done in the house, so I stuck this with my pair of 1950's black panthers...

You all have at least ONE black panther in your 50's house, don't you?? Everyone should have at least one. A poodle too.

The black and white ashtray I got from our friend Vintage Christine. When I saw it in one of her photos she showed us, at the place she goes to sell stuff (sorry Christine, I forget where!!), I knew I had to have it if she didn't sell it... And she didn't!

Oh my gosh! If I were a real 50's housewife, I'd be horrified at the dust here! I am, sort of lol... The price I pay for working so much, and while I was also working in the master bedroom, the poor living room was temporarily neglected. It gets dusty in there! This is supposed to be black, but it just looks... Dirty.

So, not many, but I sure love what I have! As always, smokers are welcome, just please smoke on the back porch, no smoking inside the 1950's Atomic Ranch House. Ashtrays inside are for looks only. :)

Please share your vintage ashtray collection, if you have one, on your blog so we can all see what YOU have! zootsuitmama says she has a prize for the person with the most ashtrays!

Happy Monday to all my blog friends!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Witco Mid Century World Map

I've seen one of these before, thought it was cool when I saw it. I could have sworn it had an airplane at the end of the wire, on top of the globe, right by the round thingie... Maybe not?

Regardless, guess what? One is for sale on eBay.

But hold on to your hat, it's currently at $471 US!!

It's very cool. I'd put it here in the Space room, but gee... A little rich for my pocketbook. I bet it sells for twice this price!

Check it out, auction ends in two days... Click HERE. If you buy it, please let us know!!

Edit: SOLD for $898!!!

Danish Modern Tivoli Atomic Mobile and 1950's Pink Birdcage

Mid century Tivoli Mobile in red, white and blue, and... All mine! Great for Fourth of July celebrations and on display in the Space room all year long. As a bonus it comes with it's original box.

Did any of you see this fantastic, 1950's pink tripod birdcage? I thought about getting it....

I really thought about it...

But... I passed on it. Sold for $41, a really good price, if you ask me. Did one of my blogger friends get it? I hope so!

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What Are YOUR Hobbies?

We all love LOVE buying vintage treasures, I know many of you have turned it into a business.

But once in a while I like to combine my love for vintage with one of my favorite hobbies: art.

Won this collection of wonderfully vintage calligraphy pens for a song yesterday. I don't do much calligraphy lately, but I know these will look good in a mid century ceramic cup on display in my Studio.

I've collected vintage art supplies over the years because art is something I've been doing, well, my whole life: Brushes, artists supply box, older paint palettes, watercolor tins... Things like that. Some I use, some I display.

I have the set of oil paints my Grandmother had, or sent to my Mom (I forget which), and brushes that were Grandmas.

So I was curious if any of you have other hobbies, that you try to buy vintage items to represent or use?