Saturday, May 21, 2011

Where Are My Chenille Blankies????

Where are they? I want them! It's been like two weeks! I want my blankies!! lol... I want them before the end of the world! Isn't that supposed to happen today? Well I won't let it happen because I want my blankies!!! Hee hee...

Waiting on them so I can take pics of the sort of finished master bedroom. Waiting...

That questionable lamp in my last post sold for $162. Not bad for the seller, but I'm still not convinced it was from the 1960's.

I didn't win a pair of amoeba ashtrays on tripod stands. Did one of my blogger friends win those? I hope so. I also let an awesome barometer/thermometer slip by me (sold for cheap) because I lost the time and missed the auction by minutes. Oh well, win some, lose some.

Happy Saturday to all my blog friends. Not much to report from the 1950's Atomic Ranch House but I hope everyone is doing well!