Friday, May 13, 2011

Vintage Vanity and Medicine Cabinet Collection Pt.2 Redux!

Well! Blogger crashed yesterday, didn't it? And it ate a couple days worth of posts. Oh well, Then I will repost yesterdays post!

The rest of my vintage vanity etc collection. I forgot I had these in this pressed cardboard dresser or jewelry box, with red Bakelight handles.

Compacts and such, collected over the years for just a few dollars.

As always, you can click on the images to see bigger photos.
I used to have more 1930's matchbook covers. Love the little hosiery mending kits. See them?

I also collect things men used back in the day, and these wrapped razor blades have amazing graphics. Like little works of art. The one called "Tre Teste" just makes me giggle lol... Does that mean "three balls"?

Other small things I picked up for cheap. I love the vintage train travel tags.

And one of my favorite small items, a pair of ladies hosiery mending kits with fantastic graphics on the cover and back. Aren't they charming??

I hope this inspires many of you to pick up a few vintage vanity items. I was surprised only a few people (zoot suit mama, Uncle Atom and Vintage Christine, that I know of) have a collection like this. These things can be picked up for very small amounts of money. I know because that's how I collected these things! So check out eBay and your local shops or whatnot and start your own vintage vanity/mens toiletries collection today!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Wow those matchbook covers and razor blade packages are so fantastic! I really love all of these tiny time capsule treasures. :-)

  2. Well I do have a few compacts but I don't really have time to pull them out, set up my light tent and photo them all just now. ALL your comments have disappeared btw, boo to blogger!

  3. Nope, not ALL comments have vanished, just on posts from the last couple days ;)

    Thanks Amber & tcd!

  4. great collection of "little" things. I love little things like that. and I like how you store them. You're right, the graphics on packages were great then!

  5. All these things are great! I love the hosiery repair if I'd ever mend hose! ha

  6. Seems odd to have mending kits now. We simply buy more!

  7. What lovely labels! And your case is gorgeous. I don't have many toiletries, but I did buy a gorgeous package of hairnets with a gorgeous woman on the label. I'm hoping to put the package in a shadow box frame at some point. A restaurant near us has a little collection of vintage toiletries mounted in shadow box frames in their ladies room. It's absolutely the most charming display I've ever seen in a bathroom... It seems like a great way to display these fun items, but I can imagine in a home bathroom with a shower, the moisture might cause problems. We don't have any half bathrooms, so I want to put mine over a dresser in my bedroom as a vanity-type deal. Some day...