Monday, May 2, 2011

Show Us Your Vintage Cosmetics and Medicine Chest Goodies

OK, so I added "...and Medicine Chest Goodies" for the guys. Do you guys collect vintage manly man stuff too? You know, like old Dapper Dan tins and shaving cream cups? I didn't want to limit this to the ladies only.

Now ladies, I KNOW you all have much better vintage cosmetic and make up collections than I do!!!

I tried to buy some vintage make up and such back when prices on eBay were insane. Then I had to resell some of it when times got tight. I don't have much left, never had much to begin with...

But show us all YOUR vintage cosmetics and shampoos and bottles of cremes and do dads and all that fun stuff you keep on your vanity!

Guys, show photos of your vintage guy stuff, you know, all the goodies you might have that a man would have owned back in the day.

Share on your blog, show off your collections!!

Happy Monday, sorry for the crappy photos, I'm still painting the master bedroom and stuff is all messed up in there so I couldn't arrange things nicely. I was just at that "I'm done painting!!!" stage when I realized, I still have to paint all the trim! Yay me!! lol... Oh yeah, and around inside the windows. Sigh, it never seems to end!!