Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Parts of the Master Bedroom

I say "parts" because I don't yet have the master bedroom looking 100%, so I can't photograph the whole thing. So no, these are not "teaser" photos but "I'm still getting it together" photos. I mean, that vintage ice chest and 1950's picnic basket really need to go somewhere else, and Dads mid century conga and bongos, well, yeah, not exactly room in here for them, nor the basket of his smaller instruments. Time to go through the closets. Again.

At any rate, I can show some of the master bedroom. The fun part is the decorating part, don't you agree?

Double tiered side table, turquoise lamp with fiberglass shade, enamel tray and McCoy pottery.

Yes, the only REAL pottery I have is thanks to our friend Vintage Christine in the white and turquoise dish. This is just perfect in this room! The enamel tray I picked up years ago at a thrift before I collected specifically 1950's stuff. Sweet find, also the right colors.

The Italian Londo Bitossi rimini blue dove Mom bought about 40 years ago, and me? I almost threw it out when I went through her estate the first time because I thought it was just some junk hippy knick knack. Then I saw one on eBay with a broken tail selling for like $100 and guess what? All of a sudden I liked this, I really liked this!!

I have a pair of these vases or candle holders, both with the same design. Don't you just love the jewel-like quality to the glass and the classic starburst design? I know our friend zootsuit mama has a couple like these too!

OK, the color of this photo looks funky, but it was a happy accident that my pink cone lamp matches the trim color exactly. Nope, don't have anything plugged in this room yet. getting there....

On the other side table my pink Western Electric or is it Bell telephone. Yeah, we used to have this exact phone in the kitchen with all 5' of cord. Imagine being 14 years old and trying to yank this 5 pound baby as far out the back door as possible to giggle in private with one of your girl friends about the hottie named Paul in your math class? lol... The pink atomic tripod ashtray. Oh no smoking in my house, ashtrays are just for show. =)

Some of the mid century pottery I bought. I have this funny obsession with these but I had to cut my collection off when I saw I really have so little room to display things. One look in the other "pink room" and it looks like an antique mall exploded in there, so best cut down on the buying.

For you young'ins, it's hard to describe seeing childhood photos of yourself as OLD black and white photos. Very surreal. Wow, am I THAT old??!! Chubby cheeks, I got shrivelled up and skinny in my old age lol.

My only poodle things, well, OK I have a couple more, but a pink and black beaded poodle dog. One of the pair of mid-century sculpture and boomerang vase.

You see, in using pinks and blues for this room, I wanted to be very careful not to do the shabby chic, chippy, cottage, Paris apartment look. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that look, but not in this room.

I also wanted to make sure there was enough masculine in here. You know nothing makes a mans manhood shrink faster than frilly lace and pink fru fru, and believe it or not, even an old bat like me has male company on occasion, so best to make your guests feel comfy (oh I hide the old family photos, that's just too much too ha ha). Was that too much information? Ahhh you all are hip, right? OK, moving on...

And the curtains are hard to see, but geometric shapes, and the double tiered fiberglass lamp shade, and more photos. On the dresser is my little kid hand print in clay, painted blue. Do kids still do those??

You know, I could have SWORN the desk and dresser were Drexel, would have bet money I saw that name stamped on the back of the dresser, but when I had it pulled out for painting, nothing, nadda, nine, just a few numbers scrawled on in grease pencil. Hmmm. Oh well, whatever, Mom bought this second hand back in the late 50's so it's 50's stuff at any rate. Sure looks like Drexel stuff...

Well, thank you for letting me share some of my slow, snails pace progress with you. It feels good to look like I am getting something done. 3 gallons of paint and a bottle of Ibuprofin to keep my crippled up old back moving ha ha. But hey, progress is progress!!

Happy Wednesday, thanks again for stopping by! We'd LOVE to see your bedroom if you'd like to show it off on your blog!!!