Monday, May 9, 2011

1950's Vintage Space Flight Rockets Books

I've become very, very fussy about what I buy lately. But I snagged these for less than $5 for the lot, so I thought they would make a good addition to the space theme room. Cutting down on the purchases unless I really love it. Or it's too cheap to pass up.

My blog posts and comments have been sparse lately, but I am just finishing up painting the trim color in the master bedroom. Zzzzz painting is soooo boring!

Because I bought the cheap paint from Home Depot for the master bedroom (I only had a certain amount of cash on me when I got a bunch of paint, and the other 6 cans of paint were the good stuff, so I thought I'd go with the cheap stuff for this room so I could get all the paint at once), it had to have 3 coats of paint on all the walls and most of the trim, too. Three coats. Yeah, that's always a good time lol....

Never buy cheap paint from Home Depot. It's not like the cheap paint from Wal Mart which is good enough for two coats. Oh no, this crap is as thin as I have ever seen wall paint. Ugh. I debated another day before I went ahead and used it anyway. Use Glidden or Behr, but not the SpeedWall or Speedball or whatever they call it. Trust me on this.

So, next I have to sew up the curtains I have for the room, and then get everything settled, then I hope to FINALLY show some photos.

Funny thing is, after all that work, it won't look like anything spectacular! *groan* No Better Homes and Gardens house here folks, just a working class middle class room, but I am excited so I suppose that counts for something lol....

I hope everyone had a happy Mothers Day yesterday!