Sunday, May 29, 2011

1950's Linoleum Tiles

These are so cool. 40 tiles, just enough for my small entrance way. The original tiles need to be replaced. They are nothing special so it's no loss...

But... Not quite the colors I want. I've seen one of my blogger friends get pink and white tiles in this type of pattern in her kitchen (who was that??), meaning they sell modern reproductions in different colors, so I think I will pass on these. Auction ended at $76.

But they sure are cool! My old bathroom floors were more like this color... A sort of light gray background with "stripes" of color, just like these..

I'm still waiting on the two chenille blankies. The seller showed me a tracking number, and they were mailed out May 12, expected arrival May 18. Well, they are not here. :( waaaa I wonder if they are lost forever??

Seller said she would check with her P.O. again, as it seems to indicate they are still sitting in her state. Bummer. Boo.

I have been busy working on a work project, so nothing fun to report! I wish I had more to say or photos to show! But I've been keeping up with as many of your blogs as possible, reading if not commenting.

I hope all my US friends have a very happy Memorial Day, and I salute my late Father and my Uncles who served in WWll... And all who served, are serving, and their families, big (((hugs))).

OH! Got my mid century German plant table, and I love it!! The seller forced a peg-joined joint apart in order to break it down for shipping, so I'll have to add some wood glue to get it back the way it was so I can put things on it, then I'll take a photo.