Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ready For Easter?

I've been ready for 6 weeks now lol... Guess it was fun to decorate in advance.

Sweet bunny pillow, cat pillow I made for Mom many years ago, and our original and well-loved copy of the children's book The Velveteen Rabbit.

A few bunny things I bought for Mom (new) about 10 years ago.

Sorry, they are on high shelves which makes for bad photos... But they are displayed...

One of the many cloth doll rag rabbits Mom made. Hand sewn, not by machine, either. Real handmade.

Ugh, another bad angle of the print panel rooster, chicken and baby chicks in a vintage basket. Sorry, sorry, wasn't going to get up on a chair for a better shot lol...

The Easter bunny came early!

My bunny luvs See's candy lol...

Hard to wait until Easter morning to sample all the goodies!

Well, more fluff than content, I hope all of you are excited about Easter. I hope those of you who have wee one's will take photos of kids having fun on Easter egg hunts so the rest of us can enjoy them!

Happy Wednesday! Are YOU ready for Easter?!