Friday, April 15, 2011

How Is Everyone Doing?

I got my wonderful 1950's floor lamp a few days ago, and I was so busy, the box sat there for two days before I could open it. I am so thrilled! Now I will be more thrilled when I get more light bulbs and test it ha ha. I'll grab one and check all the sockets out, just to be sure.

I am so sad to report, one of my favorite, favorite lamps... Died... DUM dum de DUMM...

The opening at the bottom is about 2-3" wide, and the screw is about 4" up inside that. Now how the HECK am I going to be able to rewire it if I can't reach the bottom bolt with conventional tools??? I tried unscrewing the lightbulb socket, and it does, but you can't "pull it up" to bring wire up too. Does that make sense?

Any suggestions? I'm so bummed!!

I have been so swamped with work, I have been out of commission. Not to mention internet problems and an afternoon spent trying to wrestle the "telephone interface network" box at the corner of my house open, to run some phone lines directly in and bypass the problem I am having with the inside wiring (all legal, I've been paying for two landlines and only able to use one the connection is so bad on the other). Still unable to open it!!! Will call someone in... Ugh lol...

I did do some browsing on eBay yesterday and watched as a most bitchin' 50's couch and chair sell for only $300... In gray, which I could have used, and have been looking for ages... (A couch in black, or gray if not black).

But I wasn't sure what freight shipping would be, and the auction was ending too soon. And... What if I get it, and it stinks??!!

Hope everyone is doing well. I have not had much time to read and comment on your blogs, but I should be able to now.

What a week! lol...