Thursday, April 28, 2011

Small Pleasures

I have not been around to all your blogs the past few days. My apologies!

Work has been causing me stress lately. Ahh but all of us who work have stress. Who wants to hear that! Boo! lol...

So I thought I'd take a few photos of a few of my favorites little things.

The little chenille cat has seen better days. I played with her as a little girl. She sits atop some small old books, which are no bigger than the palm of your hand. Love those little books!

The little vintage strawberry tea set Mom and I got in Julian CA about 20 years ago. Isn't it sweet?

I'm also 3/4 of the way done painting the master bedroom. Yay! But how boring to show that, so instead, a couple small cloth rag dolls Mom made. Love the jickity embroidery faces. Moms hand shook pretty badly, but that didn't stop her.

The mini perfume collection Mom and I amassed. Most of it. The older one's are in the other room.

And some photos of My lovely Mom when she was a girl.

Show us photos of some of your favorite small things, and remember, it's the little pleasures in life that bring us joy!

Happy Thursday to one and all.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter!!

Lovely vintage Easter goodie images borrowed from some talented people from the internet.

As much as I love mid-century stuff, I don't think I will ever get tired of looking at older vintage arrangements.

Just lovely to look at...

Of course the Easter bunny came to my house weeks ago, but I'd love some of these things as well.

Oh I already have enough goodness, but it's fun to look, isn't it?

I hope you all are having a happy healthy Easter, with family and friends and good food.

Time for me to hop away for today!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ready For Easter?

I've been ready for 6 weeks now lol... Guess it was fun to decorate in advance.

Sweet bunny pillow, cat pillow I made for Mom many years ago, and our original and well-loved copy of the children's book The Velveteen Rabbit.

A few bunny things I bought for Mom (new) about 10 years ago.

Sorry, they are on high shelves which makes for bad photos... But they are displayed...

One of the many cloth doll rag rabbits Mom made. Hand sewn, not by machine, either. Real handmade.

Ugh, another bad angle of the print panel rooster, chicken and baby chicks in a vintage basket. Sorry, sorry, wasn't going to get up on a chair for a better shot lol...

The Easter bunny came early!

My bunny luvs See's candy lol...

Hard to wait until Easter morning to sample all the goodies!

Well, more fluff than content, I hope all of you are excited about Easter. I hope those of you who have wee one's will take photos of kids having fun on Easter egg hunts so the rest of us can enjoy them!

Happy Wednesday! Are YOU ready for Easter?!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Giveaway at I Heart Everything

A fantastic giveaway over at Ambers blog click HERE.

Go sign up, follow her blog and pass it on!

Amber, please do NOT put my name in the pot, I am waaaay to behind on giveaways to enter any more!! Just letting other folks know about your cool giveaway!

For those of you who own a vintage small business, or sell you art or whatever, check out my previous post below, or link at the side, to promote your own business!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Promote YOUR Business!

Do you have a small business selling retro, vintage or antiques? Are you a struggling artist? Then promote your business here!

I will post a link at the side of my blog, encouraging people to browse and shop from other bloggers. This is your chance to toot your own horn and advertise your own business... And it's 100% free!!

It is NOT limited to vintage only, artists and craftspeople are greatly encouraged as well.

The Rules:

If you own an online shop or run auctions from places like eBay, etsy or your own website, or if you have a brick and mortar store, or both, feel free to post a link and a brief description of what you sell. Include any other info such as an address if you own a store. Don't forget to mention the country your store is in too!!

You should have some sort of blog, or be a blog reader, however, if your ad/website is a professionally run "chain store" business, drop shipper, distributor or an ad for viagra, it will not be approved. This is to help the small business people in the blogsphere.

It should be related to retro, vintage or antiques, direct from the artist or handmade things. BUT I will consider just about any small business as long as you run it.

That's it!

Post up your info, and come back to browse other shops. I hope this helps everyone!


Please shop responsibly. Good vibes only. =)

Friday, April 15, 2011

How Is Everyone Doing?

I got my wonderful 1950's floor lamp a few days ago, and I was so busy, the box sat there for two days before I could open it. I am so thrilled! Now I will be more thrilled when I get more light bulbs and test it ha ha. I'll grab one and check all the sockets out, just to be sure.

I am so sad to report, one of my favorite, favorite lamps... Died... DUM dum de DUMM...

The opening at the bottom is about 2-3" wide, and the screw is about 4" up inside that. Now how the HECK am I going to be able to rewire it if I can't reach the bottom bolt with conventional tools??? I tried unscrewing the lightbulb socket, and it does, but you can't "pull it up" to bring wire up too. Does that make sense?

Any suggestions? I'm so bummed!!

I have been so swamped with work, I have been out of commission. Not to mention internet problems and an afternoon spent trying to wrestle the "telephone interface network" box at the corner of my house open, to run some phone lines directly in and bypass the problem I am having with the inside wiring (all legal, I've been paying for two landlines and only able to use one the connection is so bad on the other). Still unable to open it!!! Will call someone in... Ugh lol...

I did do some browsing on eBay yesterday and watched as a most bitchin' 50's couch and chair sell for only $300... In gray, which I could have used, and have been looking for ages... (A couch in black, or gray if not black).

But I wasn't sure what freight shipping would be, and the auction was ending too soon. And... What if I get it, and it stinks??!!

Hope everyone is doing well. I have not had much time to read and comment on your blogs, but I should be able to now.

What a week! lol...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

1950's Retro Style Atomic Lamp Shade

This is the third time I've seen this lamp come up for auction. Lamp shade, in this case.

And for the first time, the seller was honest and said it looked like "a 1980's re-pop of a 1950's style" which I am 99% sure is correct.

Still, I considered getting it, IF the price was reasonable.

Well, it's sold for $102 US. More than I was willing to pay, and gee, what a bidding war at the last few minutes! 40 bids!! People, learn about paying one big price and sniping!! lol...

Happy Wednesday to all my blog friends.

What do you think? Are 1950's, mid-century or vintage reproductions OK?

Yes or no?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Still In Love With Telstar 1950's Predicta Repro Television Sets!

I saw a terrible movie last night with an amazing 1950's interior design.

It had one of these 1950's Predicta T.V.s. I love these. And it's one of the very few reproductions I'd ever consider getting.

Have any of you ever priced these? I should call the company phone number. They don't list prices, but rather direct you to dealers who sell these. That doesn't sound very cheap.

But I keep coming back to these... And drooling...

Find the official website HERE.

And if any of you have priced these, please let us know what they run. Otherwise I'll make some calls myself! =)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

1950's Honeywell Thermometer

It sits on your desk and reminds you how hot or cold it is. I like things that DO things: mirrors, radios, lamps, clocks, and thermometers, stuff like that.

It justifies my buying it: I can USE it.

And. . . It was a good price, of course.

There are a lot of deals on vintage things on eBay lately. I noticed in the 1940's browse section in particular. So many tempting things!!! But alas, I pass on a LOT of things... I have a lot of vintage things sitting on desks and dressers and shelves and such already. Things, I love my things, but I have limited space for my things. . . lol...

So, how do you justify your buying, or do you throw all caution to the wind and get what you like?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mad Men Style Original Advertising Art

If I didn't already plan on putting up my own art and photos, I'd snap these up and frame them in my 50's home.

Original advertising art watercolors, auctions ending very soon. . . Around $10 - $13 at the moment. . .

Find the first one ending soon HERE.

Get them while you can, I'm passing on these, but I sure love them!!!