Saturday, March 19, 2011

WARNING! If You Are Diabetic - Do NOT Enter! Spring Cookies!!

I do a lot of off the wall image searches on google, and the other day I plugged in "Spring Cookies".

WOW! Look what I found!!!

(All photos ripped off from the internet, but used with dignity).

These look sooo good!

I know they use a certain type of frosting for most of these...

It's sort of a liquid frosting, and you can "paint" with it.

I've bought some pre-made cookies like these before...

And as good as they look, some of them are hard and crumbly, which isn't to my personal taste.

But how delightful to be invited over for coffee, and have cookies like these presented! I imagine they are wonderful when fresh...

I'm not much of a cook myself. A T.V. dinner is about the best I can manage...

But for those of you who do cook, I bet these are a wonderful inspiration!

They look sooo charming, it makes me want to try making these!

So for those of you who are still in the midst of winter...

Bring a little Spring to your home by baking and decorating something like these!

And if you do, please share photos on your blog!

Happy Spring to all my blog friends... (No matter what part of the world you live in, and even if it's Fall for you lol)

I think I will go buy me some sweets today!

Happy Saturday to everyone!