Monday, March 7, 2011

The Pink Room - Before and After

I warn you, this is not a big change!

But a few asked so... Here goes...

Here are the before pictures of the awful, dark, cheap 1960's Colonial Revival dresser and mirror I had in the "pink" room...

And the vintage crib I removed and replaced with shelves.

Shabby chic warning!!! Shabby chic warning!!!

It's not my intent to recreate this look, even though I do like it, but given what I have to work with in this room for now, I guess you could call it that.


I slapped a few coats of off-white paint on the dresser and mirror frame. Slapped that paint right over drawer knobs and pulls and everything. And it does look better!

Wrong chair in there (one of my kitchen chairs), the floors need to be redone, I still have too much "stuff" in this room, but it's all sentimental stuff that Mom, Grandma and I owned when I was a kid.

Mom loved the Colonial look, bless her heart, (her Mom was raised in a proper Victorian household), so, this is why I have quite a bit in here. This was her room as she needed to be cared for in her last few years. And she loved to have all of her beloved things around her. I'm far too sentimental to just throw everything she owned out. It would be like throwing her life out!

The shelves I also painted white...

Too much stuff! Still getting it settled, will have to get rid of some of it, but ta-da! This is what I have been doing the past few weeks!

Yes, yes, I know. The color of the walls are awful!!!!

Learn from me:

Never ever ever paint your walls a straight pink color thinking it will look good. Use a very pale pink, or a peach-pink color.

It was painted about 10 years ago and will have to wait for a new color. Too much else to do!

So, as I said, not much change, not much to show, but it sure took me a long time to get it done!

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Monday!