Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Painting - Hall: During and After

The worst, most boring house renovation progression photos on the internet. Honestly, that's what I have!

Hall used to be a boring white, white, white. Now it's a pale butter yellow, with a light goldenrod trim. I had to remix the trim color myself, adding acrylic paint. It was too light, and, I've done it before. Good thing my old paints were still in great shape!

Walls painted, working on the trim color, and you can see where a very stupid 13 year old 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady painted her old room door with white semi gloss, and how it peeled off the door. Mostly. Looked like crap lol...

I was going to keep the doors in the hall way the original dark brown, but that would require so much more effort, (sand, stain, finish), that I decided painting the doors the same wall color was a better (read: easier) idea.


Really brightened it up. I'm thrilled with the results, but people!! I'm going at a snails pace, here!! (I'm old, I have a crippled up back, and I have to work too).

The hall is so narrow, it was impossible to show all 6 doors.

At any rate, thought I'd post some progress photos. I know they are boring as heck, but it helps me to see some progress. So much work, so little to show!

I'll make some Googie style frames for the hall in green, I think. Put up some family photos.

Moving on to the master bed room next. Ho hum, but... Moving along!

Happy Thursday to all my blog friends!