Monday, March 21, 2011

More House Painting Zzzzzzz

So I buy an interior paint called "Cypress", and I'm thinking it will be a very pale goldenrod yellow color like this. That's what the color chip looked like. I think. You know how those things look different in the store.

But I roll the color on the hall way walls yesterday, and it looks like this: a very pale yellow GREEN color!

I have one of those fancy-schmancy LCD computer screens, so the color on your screen may vary considerably, and they look very close in color, but believe me, on the walls it becomes all too obvious!

Now that I look at both of them, they both have a sort of green-ish color. Ugh.

I want a very pale orange-y yellow, not too baby nursery looking, but not too lemon-y. Make sense? lol...

I guess I'll be making yet another trip to the paint store again... I can't tell you how many times I have gone through this color stuff when it comes to house paint!!

Besides, what was I thinking when all I bought was a small quart of goldenrod color to do the trim around 6 doors? It might do one and a half lol.

Oh well, happy Monday to all my blog friends everywhere, I hope your chores and projects are going better than mine!!