Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ChemCraft Senior Atomic Energy Chemistry Lab Kit - One for the Guys!

I want this!!

My apologies to my male viewers who may have hit the back button in terror as they checked out my ultra-fem pink room in my last post. I am acutely aware how things like pink frilly fru-fru stuff can make grown men break out in a cold sweat lol...

Now I grew up with two older brothers (and NO, I was NOT spoiled in any way, shape or form, in fact, they used to beat me up lol). So it makes sense that I thought a lot of the "boy toys" were pretty cool too. I wasn't a "tom boy", but hey, airplane models and chemistry kits and such were, well, cool!

It's my understanding that this 1950's ChemCraft Senior Atomic Enegry Chemistry Lab Kit is like the holy grail of chem lab kits, and it looks to be in about as pristine condition as one can find (save for what looks like one missing implement or tool).

Upon closer inspection, I think the "missing" place is where one of the booklets goes, so this seems to be a complete kit!!

Makes me want to create atomic energy!!!

I've been watching this auction with some interest, because somewhere I read that these can go for thousands of dollars in good shape. Well, with the economy and all, this one might be a "deal".

I do think this is very, very neat. If it were more affordable, or if I were big on collecting chemical kits, I'd be snapping this one up.

Currently at $293.00 as of this post, I wonder where it will end tomorrow?

Find auction HERE.

If one of my blogger friends buys this, let us know!


Auction ended at a mere $316!! Sounds like a deal to me!!!


  1. Utah Oilfield TrashMarch 8, 2011 at 11:15 AM

    I'm ready to put my lab coat on! I want to make atomic energy too!! Great find!

  2. Wow! You always seem to find the neatest stuff!
    Thank you so very much for your lovely comment on my art blog. I will post some photos of it when its not a bunch of boxes piled in the middle... Oh and its a pretty lavender color since it was what my daughter picked out before she decided to have a bedroom downstairs! I would love to see photos of your art studio! All the best. Sherry

  3. I always wanted a chemistry kit. My brother had an electronics kit he never used but would never let me use it either. Selfish git.

  4. I had a chemistry kit when I was little but it definatley wasn't as cool as that one. Too bad it's still so pricey

  5. You're welcome Sherry! =D Would love to see it, it's so exciting to have your own creative space!

    My brother also had the electronics kit!

    I got an Easy Bake oven lol grrr

    Nah, my one brother and I used to make those rubber "Creepy Crawlers" I think they were called, and sold them at the Swap Meet back when Dad would go every weekend to sell.

    So I did a lot of the "boy stuff" too. =)

  6. Love the pink room AND he chemistry set. Isn't it great to see what kids were allowed to mess around with (I mean, atomic energy, so useful!).

  7. Atomic energy was the ***wave of the future***


    And the whole Cold War atomic bomb scare, well, if you could create atomic energy at home, then atomic power couldn't be too bad, right? ;)

  8. Oh yeah, it helps is I spell the word "Energy" correctly too LOL!!

    Sorry about the typo, I'm getting really good at that lol@me........

  9. Whoa! Atomic Chemistry at the Atomic Ranch HOuse! It is cool though!

  10. Wow - that is cool. I wish I today I hadn't taken half the cool presents I received as a kid out of their box. What do you do with this after you spend $1000.00 or more? You'd have to be a serious collector. This is very cool - an early "build a bomb" kit. I like it!

  11. If I spent more than a couple hundred on it, I'd set it on display and never touch the thing!

    But what fun is that? =)

  12. One of my friends had a chemistry kit similar to this one way back in the mid-60s. Seems to me we were able to make some sort of tiny explosion... maybe it was just a smoke bomb. As I recall Salt Peter was involved.

  13. What? I could of had that box of coolness for only $316.00 green-backs! My wife would of killed me!

  14. Well, you could mix up a concoction to make her think this was a good investment, if you bought it! =D

  15. I was thinking, $316 would go a long ways toward a new PC, netbook or iPad...and almost as cool; plus they connect to the Internet

  16. DeanO!!!

    Where is your vintage heart at??? lol....

    Nah, I have to have "modern" stuff too... But no need for an iPad or whatever, just a couple really good computers. =) Makes the Space room like Kennedy Center. =)

  17. Found one of these in an antique store in Denton, TX yesterday in poor but complete shape. Even had the uranium ore vial WITH ore in it!

  18. wow i have that exact kit but mine is larger and has more vile