Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ChemCraft Senior Atomic Energy Chemistry Lab Kit - One for the Guys!

I want this!!

My apologies to my male viewers who may have hit the back button in terror as they checked out my ultra-fem pink room in my last post. I am acutely aware how things like pink frilly fru-fru stuff can make grown men break out in a cold sweat lol...

Now I grew up with two older brothers (and NO, I was NOT spoiled in any way, shape or form, in fact, they used to beat me up lol). So it makes sense that I thought a lot of the "boy toys" were pretty cool too. I wasn't a "tom boy", but hey, airplane models and chemistry kits and such were, well, cool!

It's my understanding that this 1950's ChemCraft Senior Atomic Enegry Chemistry Lab Kit is like the holy grail of chem lab kits, and it looks to be in about as pristine condition as one can find (save for what looks like one missing implement or tool).

Upon closer inspection, I think the "missing" place is where one of the booklets goes, so this seems to be a complete kit!!

Makes me want to create atomic energy!!!

I've been watching this auction with some interest, because somewhere I read that these can go for thousands of dollars in good shape. Well, with the economy and all, this one might be a "deal".

I do think this is very, very neat. If it were more affordable, or if I were big on collecting chemical kits, I'd be snapping this one up.

Currently at $293.00 as of this post, I wonder where it will end tomorrow?

Find auction HERE.

If one of my blogger friends buys this, let us know!


Auction ended at a mere $316!! Sounds like a deal to me!!!