Thursday, March 3, 2011

Carlo of Hollywood Frames Thanks starduster58

One of our blog friends who hasn't actually started a blog yet, emailed me these amazing Carlo of Hollywood frames he both made, and bought. The above photo is a valance I believe he made himself, in the Carlo of Hollywood style!

Can you tell which frames he made, and which are originals?

Excellent, I wish I had these!

He also made his own gravel art! Remember I had a post about that a while ago. I hope mine look as good as his!

And I believe he made this too? Or he bought it, but regardless, it's so cool!

starduster58, I hope you start your own blog, I posted a tutorial in my last post, but you can google for easy to follow instructions yourself.

We sure would love LOVE to see the cool 50's stuff you have!!

I just want a big pair, ok and a small pair of Carlo of Hollywood frames in my master bedroom!

Errr maybe a set in the kitchen too? The living room? Hallway? lol....

Sorry this post is a bit rushed, I decided since I painted the shelves in one room, now I have to paint the dresser too grrr... So I'm trying to rush and get that finished...