Saturday, March 12, 2011

Candy We Ate As Kids

I came across one of those websites that sells "vintage" candy. You know, the candy most of us (oldsters) ate as kids. But they sell candy from various different eras.

In poking around a bit, I found several/many websites that offer the candy we ate as kids.

Some online stores offer different kinds, so you need to look around if you are searching for something specific.

Here is one online company that sells old fashioned candy, click HERE!

Here is another one click HERE!

Ironically, as I was posting this very post, a news story came on TV. They now have franchise stores here in southern California that sell both candy, and old fashioned soda! I don't think they sell online, but hope they do soon. Check out Rocket Fizz stores HERE.

So what was YOUR favorite candy as a kid???

Do you have any stories to share with us??

Post your favorite childhood candy and favorite memories!