Thursday, March 24, 2011

Award Time - Your Blog Wins!!

That's right! If you are reading this blog, and have a blog, your blog wins an award!

Designed by me in about 3 minutes. Only the best from 1950's Atomic Ranch House!

And as far as I know, this is the FIRST OF IT'S KIND 1950's Atomic Mid-Century Blog Award! Whoo hoo!! Congrats!!!! Just right click and grab your award!

(I had to upload this one elsewhere, because blogger made it look too blurry).

Not into Mid-Century? That's cool, I have a choice of TWO awards! Take both if you want!!

Now, a while back, our friend zootsuitmama awarded my blog, so I in turn need to award others.

But I'm one of those people who doesn't like to pick and choose when it comes to these things, because if you are not a winner, it kind of sucks, right?

And I love ALL your blogs!!

So everyone reading this wins an award!! Yay! Congrats!!

Pass on the awards, or not, as you see fit!

OK, the second part.

I think we are supposed to tell a few things that no one knows about us.

I'll do it if you all do it!! Please post your "No one knows I..." either here in comments, or on your blog, or not at all!

No pressure here!

OK, here goes:

I worked as a Cartographer (map maker), but I am directionally dyslexic.

I did a decade plus working as a Neotectonic Paleoseismologist. A fancy couple of words that means I did hard labor in remote areas of the southern California deserts, measuring the slip rate of the major Earthquake faults.

I earned about 200 awards for my artwork during the 5 or so years I showed it. I'd enter one show, win, and because I wasn't convinced, I'd enter a second and third year, just to make sure it wasn't a mistake lol...

Okie doke, now tell us a few things about yourself we didn't know!!