Thursday, March 24, 2011

Award Time - Your Blog Wins!!

That's right! If you are reading this blog, and have a blog, your blog wins an award!

Designed by me in about 3 minutes. Only the best from 1950's Atomic Ranch House!

And as far as I know, this is the FIRST OF IT'S KIND 1950's Atomic Mid-Century Blog Award! Whoo hoo!! Congrats!!!! Just right click and grab your award!

(I had to upload this one elsewhere, because blogger made it look too blurry).

Not into Mid-Century? That's cool, I have a choice of TWO awards! Take both if you want!!

Now, a while back, our friend zootsuitmama awarded my blog, so I in turn need to award others.

But I'm one of those people who doesn't like to pick and choose when it comes to these things, because if you are not a winner, it kind of sucks, right?

And I love ALL your blogs!!

So everyone reading this wins an award!! Yay! Congrats!!

Pass on the awards, or not, as you see fit!

OK, the second part.

I think we are supposed to tell a few things that no one knows about us.

I'll do it if you all do it!! Please post your "No one knows I..." either here in comments, or on your blog, or not at all!

No pressure here!

OK, here goes:

I worked as a Cartographer (map maker), but I am directionally dyslexic.

I did a decade plus working as a Neotectonic Paleoseismologist. A fancy couple of words that means I did hard labor in remote areas of the southern California deserts, measuring the slip rate of the major Earthquake faults.

I earned about 200 awards for my artwork during the 5 or so years I showed it. I'd enter one show, win, and because I wasn't convinced, I'd enter a second and third year, just to make sure it wasn't a mistake lol...

Okie doke, now tell us a few things about yourself we didn't know!!


  1. Go check out my blog today...I've told 7 things about myself!!!

    PS: Thanks for the cool award!

  2. Your the bomb! I'm bookmarking you.

  3. I love it! I put it on my blog! Ok.....something about you go;

    Nobody knows I believe (irrationally?) in the Loch Ness Monster.

    Ok, embarrassing. Just don't go swimming in Loch Ness and say I didn't warn you!

    No one knows I always wanted to be a ballerina

    No one knows I secretly believe I'm psychic, while not believing there's any such thing.

    Thanks for the award! I'm off to San Diego later!

  4. Yay! I haven't gotten a blog award yet. Since I know you have in fact read my blog and commented I'll take it! LOL Thanks! :D

  5. !!! Very cool confessions!

    B.J. I adore your blog, but I can't always think of anything cool to say lol...

  6. Wow! Thanks for the award... I pick Snoopy... such a cool dude!

    Most people don't know that I have a deep and irrational fear of birds... however, that is nowhere near as strange as my ex-husband's feat of teddy bears.

  7. aaahhh bless you what a great idea ;-)) Wow you have lived an interesting life so far ;-) What kind of art work did you do? I was going to keep my blog award free but i seem to keep being given awards ;-) so i excepted one but yours in the style of a vintage TV O bugger how can i not have that on my blog ;-) Something about me i think you all know pretty much everything...ummmm ok nobody knows this but when i left school i wanted to sing and act i wanted to be an actress i joined the local amateur dramatics society and had one lovely write up in the local paper about my lovely singing voice ;-)dee x

  8. No one knows I...wait a minute. It's just too scandalous. I can't post my deepest darkest secrets online!! You'll just have to see if I pull a Freud on my blog :)

  9. Hmm, I'm with Dee, I was going to be "award free," but I can't resist the t.v.! I pretty much write about everything on my blog, except my real job. I've only written about it once. So, unless you've read every post I've ever written, you wouldn't know that I am a homicide detective. And, no, it's not really that great and certainly not glamorous as depicted on t.v.
    There you go! I think your jobs sound super fascinating! I'd love to see your artwork, too!
    Take care!

  10. Ha ha Stephanie, if you think I'd put the GOOD stuff on my blog, the really good gossip, yer crazy too lol...

    Very very cool Sew Lo Angela!! When I was doing the field work, it was such "masculine" work, I couldn't wait to get home in between work sites and just dive into my "feminine" art!

  11. Love the Award! Thanks for posting. Did the 3 things on my blog and am checking out others. Fun way to conclude what has been a grump of a day.

  12. No one knows (or at least very very few) that I got a full ride to an Art school and didn't take it. I got the acceptance letter/pkg and hid it from my parents and shrugged it off as though I didn't get accepted. I had already decided to go into law instead.

    I should have stuck to art. lol.

    Love the award!

  13. You can't eat on an art salary lol... Was just watching a program on how women are horribly underrepresented in the arts. I didn't major in art either, tho by all accounts, every one expected me to. No thanks, I knew better back then.

  14. Hey, I love your blog and have been following you for quite some time. Tonight I was looking at Vintage Tablecloths (one of my passions is tables and decorating tables), anyway...I thought of you when I saw this item for sale:

    It's a great looking 45x54 Eames Mobile Tablecloth. Hope you are able to go see it.

  15. Oh Boy... Well I teach classes at a Military Air Base for the wives.... I teach Belly Dance lessons, and art. I love books and horses! I too was to go to art school but didn't go.... I fell in love with a guy..... moved in with him...

    Love the award!!! Thank you so very much! You have wonderful ideas!

  16. Hi Susan, thanks, and yes!! I can see it! Wow, a really cool Calder inspired atomic piece of material!

    Hiya Sherry, yer welcome. =D

    Oh love horses too! Now that (in theory) I could afford one, I'd never have time to ride it!

  17. Hello There,
    I'm Jacqueline The Darling Homemaker. I started following your blog a few weeks ago, and I enjoy reading your postings.
    I'll post a little about me in my next posting, but for now, thanks for the blog AWARD!
    Blessings Always

  18. I'm a WINNER? Yeah! The best awards in life are free? Anyway, thanks, and this is a fun post!!

  19. Yay my blog wins! Hee hee

    I was a Mary Kay saleswoman for about three months. I did it because I thought it would be fun to play with the make up but also thought it'd be easy money.

    Um that'd be a big no and no to those two daydreams. The city I live in is SATURATED with MK saleswomen. No one wanted to buy MK from me. I can't even wear their make up and when I'd host a party (always at my house cuz no one wanted to host at theirs) everyone complained that the sample products made their faces itch! So I was screwed from the get go.

    The thing with MK is that you have to really get into people's faces if you are going to be successful in that business. At one of the meetings a woman stood up and talked about a huge sale she made a funeral. She went to the bathroom and when she went to wash her hands one of the mourners was in there crying. She pulled out a jar of anti-under eye puff cream and offered it to her. Then someone else came in and she offered it to that woman.

    The craziest thing is that once she sat down other women stood up and said that they too had made good sales at funerals. I was freaked out. I'm sorry, someone has died. I'm not going to be that creepy relative or friend who is trying to make some money while the body is sitting in the next room!

    So I ditched it. I kept my samples for a long time and used the ones that didn't itch.

  20. Aaawww you're too sweet;) Thank you!! I'll grab and paste right away! Love the idea and I understand what you mean, it's really hard picking and choosing for those awards..

    Hahha great confessions!! Wow, impressive number of awards!!!

    Hmmmm my confessions? Well *cough* Me and my best friend used to dress up as a vampires when we were kids and run around in the neghbourhood scaring the neighbours:) We were around 12 years and obsessed with everything vampire.. We would paint our faces white, blood dripping from the corner of our mouth, and wear our "special" vampire clothes that had been in the basement of my cottage for some months. Getting that "nice", molded smell to it! Hahah such a laugh when I think back at it now.. We wouldn't even eat garlic. But like with everything else in that age, we grew out of it. Teenage years came and other things in life were more tempting than dressing up and scaring people. Hmmmm we had quite a wild imagination and did so many crazy things together back then! Quite fun to look back at now though;)

    As a teenager I danced in a couple of music videos for one of my friends dad.. But they never made it too big. I was also sweetheart with a dancer of a famous, norwegian singer at the time. I suddenly found myself surrounded by famous bands and singers at the age of 16..

    I moved out when I was pretty young, 15. Not because I was treated bad or anything, I had a great family! I just always had that adventures side to me and I felt like an old soul in a young body..

    I moved to Crete when I had just reached the age of 18. I ended up living there for 5 years. With my greek ex, living the greek life in tourist paradise! In a village with 200 inhabitants during winter. In the summer there would be severeal thousands with the tourists coming in! Big change when they rolled in the tourist busses, in other words.. lol

    And I could probably go on and on.. But I think I'll stop there;) Can't spill all the beans at once!

  21. I wish I had a set of tap dance shoes to dance down the main marble corridor where I work. Pretend I'm Vera Allen or Ann Miller :) Thanks for the award!! :)