Sunday, March 6, 2011

1950's Blonde End Tables and Lamps

A couple new additions.

I had to think hard, really hard about whether or not I could *use* these end tables. I just got a set with a matching table a few months ago...

But I have never seen a set that had a triple tier! The price was right, I was the only bidder... So... Fingers crossed they arrive as described and they will be mine.

I'm not 100% crazy about these lamps, but I discovered that little bedside lamps were too small in the master bedroom on those end tables.

When I put a full sized lamp on one of them? Perfect. So I wanted to get a tall set that did NOT have a double tier shade like I like (the end tables are so close to the wall, the big drum shades prevent them from sitting on the table!), so these were both tall enough, had the right matching shades, and pink and blue are the colors for the master bedroom.

So rather than wait and wait and wait for the "perfect" pair of pink lamps, or a match to a single I have, and the "right" shades, I went ahead and bought these.

That is, assuming the seller honors the "shipping is free if you use the Buy It Now feature" and sends me an adjusted invoice ;)

Happy Sunday one and all!

I finished painting the shelves, dresser and mirror frame in bedroom #1. Finally! Now trying to "fit" things on the shelves in there without making it look too crazy busy. Will show the before and after pics, but believe me, it won't look like much.

Hope all my blog friends are doing well!