Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Painting - Hall: During and After

The worst, most boring house renovation progression photos on the internet. Honestly, that's what I have!

Hall used to be a boring white, white, white. Now it's a pale butter yellow, with a light goldenrod trim. I had to remix the trim color myself, adding acrylic paint. It was too light, and, I've done it before. Good thing my old paints were still in great shape!

Walls painted, working on the trim color, and you can see where a very stupid 13 year old 1950's Atomic Ranch House lady painted her old room door with white semi gloss, and how it peeled off the door. Mostly. Looked like crap lol...

I was going to keep the doors in the hall way the original dark brown, but that would require so much more effort, (sand, stain, finish), that I decided painting the doors the same wall color was a better (read: easier) idea.


Really brightened it up. I'm thrilled with the results, but people!! I'm going at a snails pace, here!! (I'm old, I have a crippled up back, and I have to work too).

The hall is so narrow, it was impossible to show all 6 doors.

At any rate, thought I'd post some progress photos. I know they are boring as heck, but it helps me to see some progress. So much work, so little to show!

I'll make some Googie style frames for the hall in green, I think. Put up some family photos.

Moving on to the master bed room next. Ho hum, but... Moving along!

Happy Thursday to all my blog friends!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mid-Century Eames 1950's Floor Lamp

My newest baby!

After careful consideration, and a long time browsing, (oh, been looking about two years or so), I was able to score the freakin' awesome 1950's floor lamp in the colors I wanted, at a price I liked.

I know people prefer the floor to ceiling tension pole lamps. We used to have one when I was a kid.

By the way, we also had a matching tension pole set of shelves. I've never seen or heard of another. Have you?

At any rate, I carefully considered the pros and cons of the tension pole lamp, and went with the floor lamp.

There's no issue with it "working right", (meaning, it being able to be tight enough against the floor and ceiling), it can be easily moved, and it won't mess up any spots on the ceiling! And in my area, in case of a moderate earthquake, it stands a better chance of standing.

Fingers crossed the eBay gods will get it here in great shape, and that it's as advertised!!

The last set of killer triple tiered blond end tables I got?

Well, one back leg is an inch short! Really short! How the heck did that happen!?

Because they assemble in many pieces, I think if I reassemble it switching out the "legs" between each layer, eventually it will "right" itself, but jeepers, it seems every item I get has an issue!

But I'm happy to report, the big lamps I got for the master bedroom are fantastic! Big lamps is just what it needed. I almost settled on small table lamps.

I hope all your buying experiences are working out for you!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vintage SPUTNIK Antenna Booster 1950s Space Age Radio

Wow. This is so cool. It's supposed to boost your car radio antenna signal with space age technology.

It's a Sputnik designed, chrome antenna ball you put on your car antenna.

I doubt it really enhanced your radio signal, but it just enhanced this sellers pockets.

It sold for $191 US !!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Award Time - Your Blog Wins!!

That's right! If you are reading this blog, and have a blog, your blog wins an award!

Designed by me in about 3 minutes. Only the best from 1950's Atomic Ranch House!

And as far as I know, this is the FIRST OF IT'S KIND 1950's Atomic Mid-Century Blog Award! Whoo hoo!! Congrats!!!! Just right click and grab your award!

(I had to upload this one elsewhere, because blogger made it look too blurry).

Not into Mid-Century? That's cool, I have a choice of TWO awards! Take both if you want!!

Now, a while back, our friend zootsuitmama awarded my blog, so I in turn need to award others.

But I'm one of those people who doesn't like to pick and choose when it comes to these things, because if you are not a winner, it kind of sucks, right?

And I love ALL your blogs!!

So everyone reading this wins an award!! Yay! Congrats!!

Pass on the awards, or not, as you see fit!

OK, the second part.

I think we are supposed to tell a few things that no one knows about us.

I'll do it if you all do it!! Please post your "No one knows I..." either here in comments, or on your blog, or not at all!

No pressure here!

OK, here goes:

I worked as a Cartographer (map maker), but I am directionally dyslexic.

I did a decade plus working as a Neotectonic Paleoseismologist. A fancy couple of words that means I did hard labor in remote areas of the southern California deserts, measuring the slip rate of the major Earthquake faults.

I earned about 200 awards for my artwork during the 5 or so years I showed it. I'd enter one show, win, and because I wasn't convinced, I'd enter a second and third year, just to make sure it wasn't a mistake lol...

Okie doke, now tell us a few things about yourself we didn't know!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Atomic Eames Mid-Century Design Art

I put a token bid on the awesome Mid-century painted tray, but I let someone else have it.

What I really want, is simply the image, because I still plan on painting "original" 1950's artworks for my walls. I'm an artist, or so they tell me, so I can't justify buying any art when I can make my own, and in the huge sizes I want.

But I love this design, and it will be a breeze to recreate it and embellish on the design, on a large canvas.

Back to more house wall painting today, though, no fun artwork for me. Boo!!

Do any of you make art? What kind?

Happy Wednesday to all my blog friends!

Monday, March 21, 2011

More House Painting Zzzzzzz

So I buy an interior paint called "Cypress", and I'm thinking it will be a very pale goldenrod yellow color like this. That's what the color chip looked like. I think. You know how those things look different in the store.

But I roll the color on the hall way walls yesterday, and it looks like this: a very pale yellow GREEN color!

I have one of those fancy-schmancy LCD computer screens, so the color on your screen may vary considerably, and they look very close in color, but believe me, on the walls it becomes all too obvious!

Now that I look at both of them, they both have a sort of green-ish color. Ugh.

I want a very pale orange-y yellow, not too baby nursery looking, but not too lemon-y. Make sense? lol...

I guess I'll be making yet another trip to the paint store again... I can't tell you how many times I have gone through this color stuff when it comes to house paint!!

Besides, what was I thinking when all I bought was a small quart of goldenrod color to do the trim around 6 doors? It might do one and a half lol.

Oh well, happy Monday to all my blog friends everywhere, I hope your chores and projects are going better than mine!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

WARNING! If You Are Diabetic - Do NOT Enter! Spring Cookies!!

I do a lot of off the wall image searches on google, and the other day I plugged in "Spring Cookies".

WOW! Look what I found!!!

(All photos ripped off from the internet, but used with dignity).

These look sooo good!

I know they use a certain type of frosting for most of these...

It's sort of a liquid frosting, and you can "paint" with it.

I've bought some pre-made cookies like these before...

And as good as they look, some of them are hard and crumbly, which isn't to my personal taste.

But how delightful to be invited over for coffee, and have cookies like these presented! I imagine they are wonderful when fresh...

I'm not much of a cook myself. A T.V. dinner is about the best I can manage...

But for those of you who do cook, I bet these are a wonderful inspiration!

They look sooo charming, it makes me want to try making these!

So for those of you who are still in the midst of winter...

Bring a little Spring to your home by baking and decorating something like these!

And if you do, please share photos on your blog!

Happy Spring to all my blog friends... (No matter what part of the world you live in, and even if it's Fall for you lol)

I think I will go buy me some sweets today!

Happy Saturday to everyone!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Atomic Radioactive Fallout

Well, they say the radiation from Japan is hitting the west coast of the USA as I speak lol. That would be me and my atomic ranch house.

No, Chris the 1950's Atomic Ranch House cat does not have radioactive eyes, but in every photo I take of him, he sure seems to!

In light of the subject, (but not to make light of it), I thought I'd remind everyone of the real threat of nuclear and atomic concerns during the Cold War era of the 1950's.

At one time, I blogged about my interest in collecting some of the surplus Civil Defense stuff for sale on eBay like this Geiger counter radiation detector:

Quite a bit of it is new old stock, and very cool. There is an interesting amount of it available.

Given the hysteria now though, you will have to wait at least a year before prices on CD radiation testing kits and such are affordable again.

I did opt for an official Fallout Shelter sign.

Oh and some propaganda Atomic books and such:

Because every 1950's Atomic Ranch House needs to have good information, just in case...

I grew up with my late older brother talking about the effects of radiation poisoning, and how many "prime targets" were in my area (there were, and still are, a lot of military bases here in southern California). I guess that influenced me a great deal, as I still have nightmares about nuclear winter.

Watching movies like "Panic in Year Zero":

Only made me more frightened, and with some good reason. The threat of atomic bombs WAS real. The 50's weren't always the "good old days" as many might like to think.

Two shows I'd like to highly recommend are a very campy documentary, or "mockumentary" called "The Atomic Cafe":


The film covers the beginnings of the era of nuclear warfare, created from a broad range of archival film from the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s - including newsreel clips, television news footage, U.S. government-produced films (including military training films), advertisements, television and radio programs. News footage reflected the prevailing understandings of the media and public. A quote which illustrates how the producers used archival footage to illustrate the absurdity of the government's public nuclear propaganda of the time:

Civil defense film: Be sure to include tranquilizers to ease the strain and monotony of life in a fallout shelter. A bottle of 100 should be sufficient for a family of four. Tranquilizers are not a narcotic, and are not habit-forming.

Though the topic of atomic holocaust is a grave matter, the film approaches it with black humor. Much of the humor derives from the modern audience's reaction to the old training films, such as the Duck and Cover film shown in schools. A quote to illustrate what can be perceived as black humor culled from the archives:

And a very sobering documentary (there are several excellent one's) called "Radio Bikini":

Radio Bikini is a 1988 documentary film directed by Robert Stone.[1] It was nominated for an Academy Award in 1988 for Best Documentary Feature.

The film documents the nuclear tests performed around Bikini Atoll during Operation Crossroads in 1946, and their effects on the indigenous population and American servicemen involved in the testing.

These three videos will give you a good sense of the feeling at the time from a few different perspectives.

I suppose I am mentioning all this today is because of the radiation hitting my coast, and because we have come to associate the word "atomic" with cool furniture and lamps, when it was borne out of something serious (as a small reminder), and because I am a realist, so I (personally) think we should not rewrite and romanticize the past.

There were some pretty awful things during those times... You know, like DDT, polio, Veterans returning from WWll with PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, no seatbelts, women and minority rights were sparse at best, the mentally and physically challenged were hidden in institutions and given lobotomies and electro-shock therapy, thalidomide and the awful deformations of so many babies, hydrogen and atomic bomb threats... Well, you get the point lol... But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the wonderful things about the 50's, I simply think we also shouldn't forget the terrible parts either.

So I hope everyone is keeping all things in perspective on this super fine Friday!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh Gee, Don't You Hate Missing An Auction?

It's a real challenge finding curtains for the Space room. Two windows, one small, one medium. In the colors I want, in a style I want, for an affordable price.

I had my eye on these, but alas, I was dealing with a business client, and the auction ends just as I'm hanging up the phone.


Ending price for two sets of curtains in the right size, style, colors and price was $12. $12!! I'm kicking myself.

The price one pays for being an entrepreneur. Sigh.

So, here I sit on the west coast. All kinds of conflicting info is going around about the threat of radioactive fallout from Japan.

Sales for Geiger counters is way up. I've posted about those before when I was tempted to buy some 1950's Cold War surplus.

But, it's hard to know what the real danger is, and as frightening as this is, I imagine this is what it felt like to be under nuclear threat back in the 50's. It wasn't all Betty Crocker and Leave It To Beaver!

Hope all my blog friends are doing well today!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Is It Racist and Offensive or Simply Vintage Kitsch?

I was poking around some different blogs, and came across a heated debate where the blog owner bought, among other things, a mid-century "African Zulu" type statue. It had big red lips, a caricature of sorts, much like the image above. (I won't mention names or blogs as she was really inundated with comments, mostly negative, and has closed comments to that post, regardless).

Now while I skimmed the responses, it seems a lot of people took offense to the black statue she'd bought and planned to display in her home, calling it "racist and offensive".

The discussion continued, and the question was asked: Are all vintage black statues considered "racist"...?

What if the person collecting it was Black themselves? Would that make a difference?

Or what about the negative stereotype of the "lazy mexican" taking a siesta. This was brought up a few years ago when a restaurant depicted a man in a sombrero, taking a siesta, and people called it "racist".

Does this statue also become racist?

Is it sexist to show pin-up models of a silly blond without a clue, who only caters to men and doesn't ask any questions because women are only good as sex kittens without brains?

Or is this sexist because it shows women doing "men's work"...?

What about the Japanese stereotypes? The big grin, the broken English. Racist?

Is this also racist, or not, and why?

Would you instantly dislike someone if you knew they collect Nazi memorabilia?

What if their Grandmother was a Holocaust survivor. Would your opinion change?

Or photos of Nazi's. Would you leave someone's house who had a photo of a Nazi displayed?

What if you later found out it was Oskar Schindler? A man who saved many Jews?

I'm curious what your thoughts are about this subject. Should we get rid of all "offensive" vintage things, and never display them, or enjoy them as an item from a different time, no offense intended?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Candy We Ate As Kids

I came across one of those websites that sells "vintage" candy. You know, the candy most of us (oldsters) ate as kids. But they sell candy from various different eras.

In poking around a bit, I found several/many websites that offer the candy we ate as kids.

Some online stores offer different kinds, so you need to look around if you are searching for something specific.

Here is one online company that sells old fashioned candy, click HERE!

Here is another one click HERE!

Ironically, as I was posting this very post, a news story came on TV. They now have franchise stores here in southern California that sell both candy, and old fashioned soda! I don't think they sell online, but hope they do soon. Check out Rocket Fizz stores HERE.

So what was YOUR favorite candy as a kid???

Do you have any stories to share with us??

Post your favorite childhood candy and favorite memories!