Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where Is My Footstool?

Over two weeks since I won and paid.

Info says:

Sale date: 01/16/11
Tracking number: --
Estimated Delivery: 01/31/11 - 02/08/11

Wellll, ok, it does say until Feb. 8.

*rolling eyes* lol...

Isn't there a 30 day window in which you can file a complaint? Or is that 45 days? Just in case, I'm sure it'll arrive (fingers crossed this one isn't broken).

Just missed the high bid on a nice bench for my desk. Well, I wasn't going to go crazy just because it was a sort of "name brand" and gee it looks just like the one the desk USED to have... Grump grumble... Watch these damn auctions all week, it sits at $5, it ends at waaaay more than I am willing to pay because I don't want to spend hundreds on a damn desk chair!! #%@&%!!!

Nooo I'm not mad about it! I've only been looking for a couple years now. =/

Happy Wednesday! Hope all my friends in the snow regions are safe! It's cold and windy here in southern CA USA!