Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's In YOUR Drawers?

No, not those lol...

I'm fully aware that this post will rank right around "mildly interesting" to "downright boring", but I do like to strive to make regular posts... And since eBay hasn't been very kind to me, I'm not buying much these days.

So I thought I would go around, open a few random (well, mostly random) drawers in the 1950's Atomic Ranch House and show what's inside.

I'd love it if some of you did the same on your blogs, because it feeds those of us who are curious (nosy!).

The above photo shows my vintage hankey collection stored in dark green holder, vintage hose, hat and my chinchilla collar I bought years ago.

Velvet black hat, pink and white beaded purses and some silk scraps I intend to mend an old crazy quilt with.

Glove box, red and black Bakelite buttons, Art Deco old photo of a couple on a crescent moon, and those chalkware fish I got for the bathroom. Miller Studios, I believe, in pink, for a great price!

Butterscotch Bakelite buttons (about the only bakelite I could ever afford, found in jars of buttons scored at Thrift stores back when there was still stuff to score), misc plastic flowers in basket, vintage ceramic stuff.

I have a lot of old family photos, a bunch in drawers and more in bags (eek!!!) that I must get better organized, but am not sure how. Albums? Boxes? Hmm.

Vintage Valentines I scored over the years, some from the family. Time to get these out before the 14th!!

And a lot of basic ephemera (and more photos) from the family. Some drawers in our house never got cleaned out, so I have finger paintings from childhood and the recipts from things like the 1959 car Dad bought.

I have been itching to get back into my Altered Art (my "serious art" will have to wait), and intend on incorporating all of this in my "Family Altered Book" I started a few years ago (and need to work on... After I get a new printer).

I also have a shoe box of old letters Mom kept, that she wrote to her Mom, and I will read those in time.

I always envisioned my 1950's house having everything "period" right down to what's in drawers and cabinets, so this isn't a "mistake" or happenstance sort of thing.

So, if you have made it this far, I thank you! I know this wasn't terribly exciting, but if like me, you are running out of blog post ideas, snap a few pics of what's inside your drawers so I can see too!

Happy Thursday!