Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's In YOUR Drawers?

No, not those lol...

I'm fully aware that this post will rank right around "mildly interesting" to "downright boring", but I do like to strive to make regular posts... And since eBay hasn't been very kind to me, I'm not buying much these days.

So I thought I would go around, open a few random (well, mostly random) drawers in the 1950's Atomic Ranch House and show what's inside.

I'd love it if some of you did the same on your blogs, because it feeds those of us who are curious (nosy!).

The above photo shows my vintage hankey collection stored in dark green holder, vintage hose, hat and my chinchilla collar I bought years ago.

Velvet black hat, pink and white beaded purses and some silk scraps I intend to mend an old crazy quilt with.

Glove box, red and black Bakelite buttons, Art Deco old photo of a couple on a crescent moon, and those chalkware fish I got for the bathroom. Miller Studios, I believe, in pink, for a great price!

Butterscotch Bakelite buttons (about the only bakelite I could ever afford, found in jars of buttons scored at Thrift stores back when there was still stuff to score), misc plastic flowers in basket, vintage ceramic stuff.

I have a lot of old family photos, a bunch in drawers and more in bags (eek!!!) that I must get better organized, but am not sure how. Albums? Boxes? Hmm.

Vintage Valentines I scored over the years, some from the family. Time to get these out before the 14th!!

And a lot of basic ephemera (and more photos) from the family. Some drawers in our house never got cleaned out, so I have finger paintings from childhood and the recipts from things like the 1959 car Dad bought.

I have been itching to get back into my Altered Art (my "serious art" will have to wait), and intend on incorporating all of this in my "Family Altered Book" I started a few years ago (and need to work on... After I get a new printer).

I also have a shoe box of old letters Mom kept, that she wrote to her Mom, and I will read those in time.

I always envisioned my 1950's house having everything "period" right down to what's in drawers and cabinets, so this isn't a "mistake" or happenstance sort of thing.

So, if you have made it this far, I thank you! I know this wasn't terribly exciting, but if like me, you are running out of blog post ideas, snap a few pics of what's inside your drawers so I can see too!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Very interesting! You should display some of those photos. Maybe you can frame a few in small frames on a table; and rotate them with new photos from time to time.

  2. Part of the fun of collecting is going back and enjoying your treasures and finds.
    I completely understand your thinking. I sell daily but definitely have special things I store for my eyes only.
    Vintage hostess aprons, sweater guards, vintage lingerie and buttons are just a few.
    Your purse drawer and Valentines ones is what I would dig in first if there. Sandy

  3. I love old letters! I actually found some my mom wrote to my aunt when she was living in Hawaii right after marrying my dad. According to the date my mom was pregnant with me and didn't even know it. :) Funny.

  4. Oh good grief! SOMEONE has to say this: So what's in my drawers? MY BIG FAT ASS!!!

  5. LOL! This is such a cute post. Your drawer contents are -much- prettier than mine but I think I'll have to post what's in my drawers anyway. :) I really love altered art as well. I've bought a few books on the subject but haven't created much of anything yet.

  6. HMCA I have a lot of photos displayed already, and I will copy some of these to display, but I have sooo many more to store.

    I agree Sandy, have done a few posts on enjoying what we already have. =)

    Wow, now I want to read Mom's letters, BJ!

    Christine hahaha I knew you would say that. =P

  7. Oh Brittany, I am POSITIVE you have much better things in your drawers than I do!

    I will start an art blog when I can get to it, and post some of my old stuff. I have quite a bit to share already. =)

  8. Man you're brave opening up your drawers to the prying eye of your readers :-) Mine are not nearly as neat as yours!

  9. The desk drawers in my Studio are horrific lol... Just basic junk I need to go thru and reorganize...

    Notice I am not showing inside the closets lol...

    !!! Need work!!

  10. I do think you are brave but I'm sure those drawers were carefully selected! Cute stuff in your drawers!!

  11. I have a dresser just like that, not half so well organized, with all the same kinds of things! Tchotchkes, hats, papers, photos. I'm glad to see it's not my hoarding disease, but just symptomatic of vintage collecting. Thank. GOODNESS. What a great idea for a post. :)

  12. STM I do have junk drawers! And more will likely go in these drawers, but I have cleared out a lot of the "stuff". Closets next. Clutter makes me nervous lol..

    I come from a family of hoarders, Lisa, and caught it for several years (OK a couple decades), now I fight it. =) It gets easier to get rid of the "stuff" and keep the things you really love. It does. =D

  13. Oh, you're going to love this- I have a vintage baby cradle that my daughter slept in when she was newborn. We're getting ready for the new baby so I've been wanting to put it together but we've lost the screws that hold it together!! I've looked -everywhere- for those screws. So, I was taking pics to do my own "what's in your drawers" post and I found them in my tin of vintage buttons- all 8 of them right there. LOL!! So, thank you for this post- if it weren't for you, my hubby would have had to go on a wild goose chase for screws to fit the cradle! :P

  14. aww i thought this was a great post your so right its really interesting to see what people have them, and yours are so very tidy ;-)) Mine are not all that tidy. thanks for sharing, dee x

  15. Utah Oilfield TrashFebruary 10, 2011 at 2:39 PM

    I love it! My wife often gets on my case for randomly opening drawers and cupboards at friend's houses---I just like to see what everyone else has! My mom had chalkware fish like those, excpet green, in the bathroom for years! I think there is nothing wrong with a drawer full of old photos. I do hope there is a chair nearby so that you can sit and dig through them often. I bet they are wonderful memories. My drawers are not so neat looking, although I opened a cupboard the other day to find my 3-year-old daughter instead of the pan I was looking for.

  16. There's not a single drawer in my house that looks as neat as yours. ::hanging my head in shame:: You have some wonderful small stuff! One thing I do have is all my grandmother's rhinestone jewelry. I need to photograph that sometime. It's still as pretty as it was in 1953 when I'd beg her to let me try it on and play dress-up.

  17. I love this post. I am posting "What's in my drawers" while I hang my head of shame at the way they look....but this made me THINK about cleaning them out. Just THINK, mind you...not going to do anything drastic.

  18. I love your 'what's in your drawers' idea and if it weren't so late, I'd open a few and take pictures. Maybe I'll be inspired to follow your lead this weekend.

    I was so happy to see the ephemera, though -- it's an addiction of mine. I like to buy other people's pictures and pick up random bits of paper and writing at most of the sales I go to.

  19. You have some interesting drawers there! I think I'll do a post on this too :) mine won't be as full of treasures as yours though!

    Kally x

  20. I actually thought this was a very interesting post! I enjoy knowing what kind of treasures people have stashed away.

    Have you ever tried shopping for vintage items on Etsy? I have been very impressed with some of the nifty things I've found there, and the community seems to be more well-behaved than some of the people on eBay. I know there are quite a few sellers who have moved to Etsy over the years.

  21. Brittany, I am sooo glad! I went and replied on your blog, thanks for sharing your drawer pics!!

    delia, that's not all my drawers lol... Some really are a mess. =/

    Hiya Utah: Well, I like to know what secrets hide behind and inside of things like drawers lol..

    Dana, I keep saying it, i have messy drawers, and forget about the closets, they ll need a rehaul. We'd love to see your jewelry. =)

  22. Oh wow! I'd love to see what's in other vintage collectors drawers lol...

    Holly, I do get better deals on eBay. The fixed price of etsy always turned me off. They charge more than eBay, and while eBay hasn't been that good to me, I saved money. I'm sure I'd get disappointments off of etsy too, then feel bad because I paid premium prices...

  23. Your draws ......hehe ............sorry couldn't help that are so tidy compared to mine. I have stuff shoved in to either over flowing or I push the bottom of the draw out. It's always fascinating to see what treasures you find hidden away.

  24. Too cute! You have appealed to the part of us that wants to peek in medicine cabinets when we visit the 'powder room' in other people's houses! (Being someone who recognizes this desire - MY medicine cabinet has glass fronts - take that snoopy sisters!)
    The neatness makes me sigh. Just spent 2 hours trying to find where I'd put my vintage hankies when I put them where I knew I'd never forget where I put them.
    So blogged about cold and flu season sans hanky photos today. Your neatness inspires me to do better.

  25. Well I was going to say "Wow I'd love to get my hands in your drawers!" But then thought, hmmm...........

    Maybe that doesn't sound right, LOL!!!! :O)))

    I love the stuff in your drawers, but why aren't those cute fish on the walls yet??? I'm a chalkware freak, love that stuff. Everything is pretty.

    I second the putting some of the old photos in frames, I have some old and real neat family photos in frames in my living room and love how they look, it adds to the "vintage-ness" but also is nice to look at some of my loved ones!
    For the rest you could get some pretty vintage boxes to put them in.

  26. I just read you had some photos displayed, oops! That's what I get for skimming comments before commenting, then going back to read! ;O)

  27. Hee hee hee Erin!

    The bathrooms are going to need some redoing before I hang the fish up =/

    I had to put that off until I cleared up another issue... Long story, I'll skip it.

    I do intend to scan and frame a lot of family photos for the hallway and other rooms, but now I need to get a new printer!

  28. Hi, I meandered on over from Cat's...Boy, now I feel obligated to show what's in my drawers, too, though they're not nearly as fun as these! Great chalkware fish...and the button bowl...and the Valentines! Well. I guess this just means I need a dresser for nothing but fun, cute, vintage things...

    BTW, the pink canisters at the top of the blog are darling! I actually bought some at Target for my first apartment, years ago, that have a cherry print on them...They're not perfect, but I've not yet seen anything worth replacing them with. Well, except those pink ones, but my kitchen has red accents...