Saturday, February 12, 2011

Well It's About Time!

3+ weeks later and the footstool finally arrived, not mailed until 3 weeks had gone by. They included a nice note, and they did say it could take up to a month when you read the fine print, but jeez...

They wrapped it well... Too well! Wrapped it and the legs in the saran wrap from hell lol... About a mile of it.

But still, three weeks to get an item mailed out is too long from a seller who is not a high volume seller, so they will get rated as such on the star rating. I can't rate them high on fast shipping.

I also got my vintage artist box and supplies. Can you see the little compartment to the right, with the four charcoal sticks in it? Well, they stuffed the box with easter grass... Yes, easter grass, wrapped it in cardboard and duct tape, and mailed her off.

Err they didn't really "stuff" the grass in there, they simply laid a bunch on top of everything so the brushes and charcoal sticks still banged around inside the box.

So of course the charcoal banged around and broke in transit, covering the inside of the box with a nice black dust coating, not to mention some dirt that was already in there got spread around.

The brushes felt dry... Very dry. This is the second time I bought used artist brushes advertised as: "still have a lot of life left in them".

Hmmm, we shall see.

Am I being too picky here? I've been wanting a vintage artist box for about 10 years now, but until lately, they always sold for a lot of money. So I didn't break the bank with this one, but I'll have to really clean it out.

These vases turned out to be in new condition, and yes! They really are pink in color, as advertised, not the yellow color in the photos. They also took a few weeks to get here because the seller said they were in a car wreck on the way to mail a bunch of eBay packages, and were in the hospital a few days. Hmmm, wow, I hate to sound jaded, but I've been on the internet long enough to know that people say a lot of things.

However, I am happy with these.

So I don't know. I think I am very reasonable, I try to shop carefully, but virtually every purchase comes with some kind of aggravation these days.

I haven't sworn off buying, but gee... Getting more discouraged!

Thanks for letting me vent!! Happy Saturday!