Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Vintage Laundry Room Challange

Our friend zootsuitmama challenged us to show our vintage laundry rooms.

Well, I don't have one. Long story short, the washer and dryer are supposed to be hooked up just inside the small garage door, but decades ago the drain would not drain, and a plumber told my folks they'd have to tear up the concrete garage floor to fix it, and Dad never had the money for that, so we toted our laundry to laundermats forever.

Next time you complain about doing laundry in your own house, think of having to haul it to a laundermat like I did my whole life lol. (I never miss an opportunity to bitch and moan lollll)

OK, so rant over, I thought I would grab some photos off the internet to see what other folks' vintage laundry rooms looked like.

I love this collection of laundry soaps and such. You can find deals on these, on eBay.

Oh huh, seen a lot of these coin laundry signs throughout my life!

Another cute sign.

Love how they hid the modern stuff in old stuff.

OK, not sure a stack of old picnic baskets qualifies, but I love the storage idea here.

And some clever person has made a medicine chest from old scrub boards with glass scrubbers.

Mom used to wash her laundry on these old washboards back in the day.

Thanks to zootsuitmama for the post idea! Maybe one day I will get my own washer and dryer to work here at 1950's Atomic Ranch House (will be getting a second opinion on it, that's for sure, the plumber years ago may have been wrong!).