Saturday, February 26, 2011

Major Tom? Buzz?

Another addition to the Space Room/Office. NASA astronaut bank.

I tend to doubt these are very "vintage", but will "fit" in the room fine. It sure was affordable!

If you know for a fact these were made, say, in 1995, please do NOT tell me! I want to live with the illusion it's mid-century, therefore will fit with all the other mid-century. I'm cheating a bit for the space room to include stuff up until man walked on the moon, rather than the "no later than 1960" rule I try to stick by.

I've also been shopping for big, vintage, built airplane models.

I just want one. OK maybe two.

Was outbid on a nice 1950's Starlifter last night (grrrr), and a space Apollo capsule a few days ago grrrr.

I want maybe one or two vintage built models of flight to hang from the ceiling in here, the Space/office room. But I don't feel like spending much money on them. I've spent enough on the modern things in this office as it is!

Happy Saturday. Will be trying out those furniture moving glide pads today on some big shelves. I sure hope they work as good as advertised! They were hard to move the first time. Fingers crossed these will help:

They are used like this, under the feet of the furniture:

I hope I'm smiling like that gal is!!